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You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Wednesday May 6, 1903
Wheeling, West Virginia - Local Socialists are receiving help from National HQ

This past April, when William Mailly assumed his duties as national secretary of the Socialist Party of America, he launched the party on a grand coarse of organizing. He immediately began sending out organizers and lecturers with the goal of creating new party affiliates across the country. He has also encouraged locals to do their own organizing. The Wheeling area Socialist have recently received organizing assistance from Western Pennsylvania Socialist in the form of John Slayton, a carpenter who has been organizing around the Pittsburgh area. With Slayton's help, a new local has been organized at nearby Moundsville. We hope to see many more new locals of the Socialist Party established in the coming months.

Working Class Radicals
The Socialist Party in West Virginia, 1898-1920

-by Frederick A Barkey
WV U Press, 2012

Tuesday May 6, 1913
West Virginia - Governor Hatfield's Settlement

It has been reported that the Governor has given this ultimatum to the strikers: they will either accept the terms of settlement offered by him, or they will be deported from the district. These are the Governor's terms for settlement of the strike:
   1. The right to organize
   2. A nine-hour day
   3. Semi-monthly pay
   4. No discrimination against union men
   5. The right of the worker to shop where they please.

The three main objectives of the strike were:
   1. Abolition of the guard system
   2. Recognition of the union
   3. Payment of the Kanawha scale of wages

None of these three are considered in the Governor's settlement. Furthermore, non-discrimination is not defined; the operators refuse to settle on a definition, and the Governor states he can do nothing about that. How the right to organize is to be enforced is left to the imagination. The check-weighman is already state law. Are we to assume that this law will, at long last, be enforced? Likewise the right to shop wheresoever a worker pleases is already state law. Will this law now be enforced? Over 400,000 workers in this country already have the eight-hour workday, yet, according to the Governor, the miners should take the nine-hour day as a great victory and thank him for it. Either that or face deportation from their homes.

Working Class Radicals
The Socialist Party in West Virginia, 1898-1920

-by Frederick A Barkey
WV U Press, 2012


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Monday May 6, 2013
From GlobalPost: Bangladesh death toll continues to rise.

The April 24 collapse of a textile complex killed at least 660 people, according to the latest figures released Monday by Bangladeshi police.

A police spokesman confirmed the updated death toll to the state-run BSS news agency, noting that recovery teams had found 27 additional bodies over the past 24 hours...

An undetermined number of workers remain missing, probably buried under the enormous pile of rubble, which the army and other public service agencies have been working to remove for almost two weeks.

The National Garment Workers Association estimates that around 4,000 workers were inside Rana Plaza when it collapsed.

Read full article here:

Search for National Garment Workers Association gives us this:

War on Want describes NGWF

"I owe my soul to the company store."

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Originally posted to Hellraisers Journal on Mon May 06, 2013 at 03:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions, Anti-Capitalist Chat, and Rebel Songwriters.

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