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Congressman Ed Markey (D. MA-5) is out swing against his GOP opponent, businessman Gabriel Gomez (R. MA) in 2013 Massachusetts Special Election:


Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Edward Markey on Monday hammered Republican Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez for refusing to sign the “People’s Pledge,” a pledge effectively barring outside groups from advertising in the election.

“Gabriel Gomez is saying he will not accept the People’s Pledge, that he is going to welcome vast amounts of undisclosed, unlimited money into this campaign,” Markey said at a press conference at the Omni Parker House Hotel. “I think that the people of Massachusetts deserve better. I think they have a right to know who in fact is contributing, who is paying for these ads that are going to come into our state. Is it the (National Rifle Association)? Is it the coal industry? Is it the oil industry?”

“I am committed to signing this pledge if he is willing to sign this pledge,” Markey said, sitting next to an empty chair. - The Republican, 5/6/13

Markey warned supporters that Gomez would be inviting big special interest, outside money to fuel Gomez's campaign:


“We have big issues that divide us,” Markey told reporters. “I am pro-choice and he is not. I favor banning assault weapons and these dangerous magazines that turn them into weapons of war, and he does not. I support protecting Medicare and Social Security, and he’s ready to put it on the operating table…there are big differences between the Republican nominee and myself and I’m ready to have an eight-week debate over these big issues.”

Markey called on Gomez to take a pledge, similar to one signed by Democrat Elizabeth Warren and Republican Scott Brown in the 2012 Senate race, preventing outside organizations from advertising. Gomez has said he will not take any pledges. “He is saying very clearly that he is welcoming in the Koch brothers and Karl Rove into the state of Massachusetts,” Markey said, referring to the Republican activists and strategist. - The Republican, 4/30/13

The GOP is hoping that Gomez is their new Scott Brown (R. MA):


"Recent history says Republicans do really well in Massachusetts in special elections," longtime GOP strategist and Massachusetts Republican committeeman Ron Kaufman said. He cited Scott Brown and the victory last month a by a Republican state legislator in a special election in the heavily Democratic town of Peabody.

"Voters like a stark choice between candidates," Kaufman said, happily noting the headline on the Boston Globe Wednesday "Newcomer Gabriel Gomez to face off against veteran Edward Markey." "Voters are in record numbers upset with Congress. This is not the time you want to run for Congress after being in Congress since the second Lincoln administration."

In his victory speech, Gomez struck a bipartisan chord telling the crowd, "If you are looking for someone who refuses to work with the other party, I'm not your guy… If you are looking for an independent voice, a new kind of Republican, take a look at our campaign. I'd welcome your support."

Gomez also told supporters, "I will approach this job with a military man's discipline, a father's sensitivity and a businessman's experience."

Kaufman said that line would be the heart of Gomez's campaign.

The true heart of the campaign, however, will be trying to paint Markey as a Washington insider who has just been in Congress way too long.

Massachusetts Democratic consultant Mary Ann Marsh said there's no way this will be another election like the one where Brown upset Democrat Martha Coakley when Coakley and state Democrats did not aggressively take on Brown until it was too late.

"Ed Markey has to run the next seven weeks like his hair is on fire," Marsh said. "If Massachusetts Democrats learned anything from 2009 and should have been learned long before that…no race is sure in Massachusetts no matter what. You have to run hard you have to run smart and you have to use every resource possible to make sure you win." - ABC News, 5/2/13

Except here's the massive difference between Gomez and Brown:


(Boston, MA - 4/3/13) Republican senatorial candiate Gabriel Gomez talks with the Herald editorial board, Wednesday, April 03, 2013. Staff photo by Angela Rowlings.
Gomez has refused to sign the pledge and instead demanded Markey return the millions he's received from political action committees during his three decades in Congress.

Gomez said Markey should also donate to charity the more than $1 million spent by outside groups on his behalf during the just-completed Democratic primary.

Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren signed a similar "People's Pledge" last year. - Boston Herald, 5/6/13

Emphasis mine.

Gomez refusing to sign the People's Pledge shows that he's willing to take money from anyone to win and make this an expensive race filled with deceitful attacks.  The election is Tuesday, June 25th.  Let make sure Markey has the resources he needs to fight back Gomez's Karl Rove and Koch Brothers fueled campaign:


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Originally posted to pdc on Mon May 06, 2013 at 04:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by Massachusetts Kosmopolitans, The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, In Support of Labor and Unions, Climate Hawks, and Boston Kossacks.

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