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I keep seeing a naked boy displayed like an advertisement on a public street and no one seems to care! The whole situation is driving me bonkers and I don't know what to do!


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Here is the situation:

After work, I sometimes ride my bike or walk one of my dogs into the valley above my house. This valley (Kamilonui Valley) starts about 1/2 mile above my house, it is a road that services several small farms in Hawaii Kai east of Honolulu and does not get much traffic, but it is a public road. Anyways at one of the farms in the valley, on several occassions, I have seen a boy (I'm guessing between 8-12 yrs old) sitting on a tree swing or in a plastic chair next to the road.

This boy is unremarkable in every way, except for the fact that he is always bare ass naked! the first time I saw him, I simply looked away and thought he just got caught outside without clothes on... The second time, I thought- "that is weird, there he is again"--- then after the 3rd time, I started thinking about who or why anyone would let their kid sit by the side of the road without a stitch of clothing on.

The whole thing has started to creep me out... So I called child protective services(CPS)and they said that they couldn't do anything unless I called 911 whilst the boy was naked by the road. Well today, I took a bike ride up the valley and sure enough the boy was sitting naked by the road-- I rode past, called 911 and waited for the police, they showed up about 5 minutes later, but the boy was not there when they drove past (I think he ran into the house when he saw them coming). I then waited for the police to interview/leave the area and encountered the police about 1/2 mile down the road. I explained that this is at least the 6th time that I have seen this child sitting naked by the road, but they said the boy was "special" and sometimes took his clothes off, would run around, and the parents were trying to control it. I remarked that the child was never running when I have ridden past and seemed to be scared when I looked him in the eye... But, the police had no answers, I have no answers, CPS seems to need me to apprehend the boy in the act of nakedness to respond. Something seems creepy and weird about the whole situation, but I don't know what else to do--- I could just stop riding up that valley, but I would still feel guilty for not helping this kid who I think is being abused or at the very least, neglected!

The police never got out of their cars, CPS doesn't seem to care, and I don't know what to do!

Should I just mind my own business and stop worrying about it?
Any suggestions would be welcome..

Thanks for the input everyone, based on your responses-- From now on, I will just avoid riding to that valley and if I do and see the boy again I will ignore him and trust the authorities to handle whether or not this is a case of neglect/abuse.  

Thanks for all the different perspectives, I appreciate and have reflected upon them all.

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