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The collective orgasm on the right when it came to light that the Boston bombing suspects were (at least nominally) Muslim was a true spectacle to behold. They could scream from the mountaintops about the threats of Islamic terrorism again! How many of them are going to be warning about the threat of white guys in trailer parks in Minnesota now?


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Yesterday, the FBI released a statement that a raid on a mobile home in Motevideo, Minnesota had disrupted a potential terror plot. Quotes are pulled from this Salon article.

The FBI believes “a terror attack was disrupted” when authorities arrested a man after they converged on a mobile home in western Minnesota that contained Molotov cocktails, suspected pipe bombs and firearms, the agency said Monday.

Buford Rogers, 24, was arrested Friday and charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He remains in federal custody it is not immediately clear if he has an attorney.

Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, and firearms. In a mobile home. Sounds like a great mix. But what kind of firearms did he have?
One firearm recovered from Buford’s residence was a Romanian AKM assault rifle.

In an interview with authorities, Rogers admitted firing the weapon on two separate occasions at a gun range in Granite Falls, the affidavit said. Rogers has a past conviction for felony burglary and is not allowed to have a firearm.

The AKM assualt rifle is similar to an AK-47, to give you some idea of what he had in his trailer. That rifle also fires 600 rounds a minute, by the way, so it's unlikely he was using planning to use it for hunting. But surely he's a responsible gun owner right? Just exercising his 2nd Amendment rights? Oh wait...
Rogers’ 2011 felony burglary conviction stems from an incident in Lac qui Parle County. He also has a 2009 misdemeanor conviction for dangerous handling of a weapon in Hennepin County, as well as other criminal violations, according to online court records.
And yet the GOP has fought tooth and nail against any sort of monitoring for the threat of domestic terrorism. Buford Rogers and others like him are plotting to kill and destroy right under our noses, but the GOP will have you believe the solution to terrorism is to stop Muslims from getting student visas. A guy in a trailer park with a criminal history has a stockpile of weapons, including an assault rifle, but what's going to keep you safe if making sure everybody takes their shoes off before they get on a plane.


Thanks to MNDem999 for the additional info in the comments

From the Star Tribune we learn that the suspect was

a man with suspected white supremacist leanings

They also report that
Several postings on Rogers’ Facebook page from June 15, 2011, express his apparent irritation: “The NWO [New World Order] has taken all your freedoms the right to bear arms freedom of speach freedom of the press …” read one profanity-punctuated message.
He apparently plotted to attack the police department in Montevideo, booming metropolis of 5,300, according to Wikipedia.

8:33 AM PT: Yay Rec List. Thanks guys :)

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