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The DEADLINE is tonight at 11:59 PM.

Of thousands of online Kossacks & 10s (100s?) of thousands of Lurkers, only 200 have cast a free vote (which takes just 2 minutes) to help out our brethren applying for scholarships to this year's Netroot Nations.

Just 200? Really? Is that how it'll go down?

And worse, those 200 votes are for the Kossack who got more votes than the other Kossacks. All 8 Kossacks, have their chances at even being considered hanging by a thread.

You ain't got to register here or on the voting site. All you got to do is supply a name (only your first name & the 1st letter of your last name will appear) & some e-mail addy. That's it. Two minutes of effort & and you can be someone's hero (you'll be mine for sure, & I'm not even in the running). You're allowed to vote for as many kossacks below as you wish.

ericlewis0 wrote today,

"Me, I'm a disgruntled former applicant. I applied a few years back, pre-Animal Nuz, but right after my Permeable Cone Stocking™ BP Oil Spill cleaner-upper. I was way high on the list and already figuring out my wardrobe for the convention...and I did NOT get picked."

I know we can do better than that this time.

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(All info below was gratefully lifted from New Day — The Voting Power at DKos Should Secure Our Kossacks Applying For NN13 Scholarships - which also has photos of the Kossacks)

EIGHT Kossacks Within 111 Applicants Need Your Vote to Make It To NN13

Of the DFA Netroots Nation Scholarship contest 111 applicants I can only find EIGHT Kossacks. The first Kossack is ranked 30. You would think that with the voting power here that all EIGHT would be in the top ten. The five applicants with the most votes overall will automatically be selected for a scholarship. The remaining thirty-five spots will be chosen by the selection committee. Voting ends TONIGHT 11:59 PM Pacific Time on May 7th, 2013.

Please VOTE RIGHT NOW (!) for our Kossacks to win a scholarship to NN13. It's very easy.

You can also help by asking your networks to vote. Anyone can vote, no need to be registered. Please send your contacts the links below. So please give our EIGHT Kossacks a boost. I would like to hear each one of these voices be heard at NN13. You can vote for all EIGHT.

Just click on any of the links (right click - open in new window) below to
Kossack GreyHawk

Some call me a "solution facilitator," others a "professional irritant." I help people, businesses & organizations clarify & resolve issues.

 I've wanted to go to Netroots Nation since its inception as "Yearly Kos." I finally made it to one - NN12 - and hoped it would be the first of many. The economy's slow fizzle has kept job opportunities limited: my foundering 1-man consulting business isn't growing, my writing projects are not producing viable income and the job market is still lousy outside of seriously under-employment, part-time gigs which I've had to take on in order to meet the bills. Netroots Nation participation is good for the mind & the soul: it helps renew the desire to keep fighting, to push boundaries and not give up in the face of ongoing inanity and insanity in our government. It also allows us to network with others, spawning a myriad of opportunities to make & have an impact - and possibly find new ways to engage & employ ourselves. I believe I deserve a scholarship because I can use the opportunity to work with, meet and engage others in way that will inspire additional, effective efforts for the netroots, and to help build opportunities to expand the impact & awareness of the public in several areas. Read more and vote here.


Kossack Sreeizzle2012

Young Maryland Progressive, Community Activist, Cancer Research Fundraiser, Medical Student, Baltimore Ravens Fan, Pianist, and Singer.

 This year and scholarship is my best chance to go to Netroots Nation. I will be busy with medical school starting in August. Most importantly, I want to grow as an activist and broaden my activism nationally. I was able to make a difference locally through college, volunteering at hospitals, and free clinics. Netroots Nation is the ideal next step and place to grow and learn with new people. They will provide me with new opportunities and challenges. I will make new friends and allies. I will inspire them while they teach me a lot. I have already inspired people on dailykos, Obama campaign volunteers, and people suffering the wrath of the insurance industry. Read more & vote here.


Kossack llbear

Long-time activist dealing with LGBT Rights, HIV/AIDS, Veterans Health & Benefits, PTSD & Suicide prevention.

 I am proud of the moral fabric the guides and sustains liberals in a time of economic distress. I hope to share organizing and fundraising strategies that I was taught, and I would like to continue to knit together groups of people like veterans, senior citizens, gays and lesbians, and people with interests in green energy - especially The Veterans Green Bus. Read more and vote here.


Kossack Sara R

Founder of the Community Quilt Project, Gallery Kos, and manager of Kos Katalogue, I love to see people come together in positive ways.

 My plans for NN13 are to have a signature quilt for signing to benefit a progressive campaign. (This year, I'd like the quilt to benefit Elizabeth Warren's new PAC, if she would agree). So far, the Netroots Nation signature quilts have raised over $17,000 for progressives. Help me get there and raise this total! In addition, I am collecting 35 wheelchair quilts and lap throws to be delivered to the Palo Alto VA Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Unit -- and hope to bring some folks from the conference with me. Read more and vote here.


Kossack Horace Boothroyd III

The Transgender Gore Vidal.

Because despite it being an economic hardship for me to afford internet access, I make that sacrifice as to educate others. Making it possible for me to attend will allow me to increase my networking size, thus improving my blog posts. Read more and vote here.


Kossack 4Freedom

I walked my first picket line at 17. At 71, I actively campaign to protect SS, public education, health access, marriage equality and peace.

 Health care costs have impacted many of us. I own a health food store, and am studying how to help customers and my family maintain or re-gain health through diet and nutrition. Working with Vermont's Green Mountain Care, I want to help encourage prevention in Vermont as a model for the rest of the country. There is a strong educational component to my work, and I'm working on a series of essays and a book on self care. At Netroots Nation, I would like to network with those interested in improving health through diet and nutrition. The health of our nation is important to me, and I think through networking with other activists, I can help raise awareness of how we can better care for ourselves and our families. This will save pain, suffering and money. Read more and vote here.


Kossack Scottie Thomaston

Writer and activist, living in south Alabama, focusing on LGBT legal issues, disability rights, and criminal justice.

 A scholarship to attend Netroots Nation will afford me a rare opportunity to connect in person with other activists and attempt to work on new projects. With my background I have a unique voice and perspective that deserves to be heard by like-minded activists, not simply for my own sake but for others in my position who haven't had the opportunity to be as active or as open. We benefit when we get to hear from everyone, including those who might have limited resources or live far away from where activist conventions are held. I should be there because I've been a political activist for most of my life and deserve to share my perspective. Read more and vote here.


Kossack bluebarnstormer

I am newly unemployed thanks to the Hostess hedge funds. I married into a top notch gene pool and have two genius daughters to show for it.

 In November I wrote "Inside the Hostess Bankery" about the contract offered to the Bakers Union at Hostess. I posted at 5 am and laid down for a few hours. When I woke up it was on the front page of Reddit and CNBC asked me to go on as the voice of a Hostess worker. A day later I heard it read out loud by my favorite Tweeter/Kossack David Waldman on Kagro in the Morning. Thank you DKos community. It would have never had legs without you. Read more and vote here.

The DEADLINE is tonight at 11:59 PM. Be a mensch. Vote for all 8. It is free, super-fast, & easy.
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