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As near as I can tell you are getting a view from right about between the shoulder blades looking forward. Falcon seems to be flying with it's head slightly below the area seen by the camera. I noticed the buffeting of the winds. It's not all a gently soaring flight, the bird is diving at considerable speed. Some thoughts later on.


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I try to view most killing of animals through the prism of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Kind of the mantra for the conservation hunter. The North American Model as it's called can cover a multitude of sins but basically it boils down to if you kill something it has to be for a reason.

Food everyone understands, kill a deer and eat it. Pelt many are less comfy with, but it's still well within bounds. Large and small predators too if you ask a wildlife biologist working for a state fish and game department. They want to manage most populations to avoid large peaks and valleys in population levels. Varmints are usually a nuisance to someone, or an invasive. Even large trophy hunting funds conservation and is only taking what is over the carrying capacity of the habitat.

Falcon hunting I place over with catch and release fishing. They make me kind of uneasy, more than likely I just haven't come to a full understanding yet.

A little while ago I was up at the "worlds center for birds of prey" in Boise Idaho, better known as the Peregrine Fund, and they had an entire new and beautiful building just for the  history and knowledge of falcon hunting. Funded by one very generous contributor from the UAE as I remember. http://www.peregrinefund.org/... Besides a great life size diorama of guys with head scarves hanging out in tents drinking coffee and smoking tabaco from hookahs they also had some very large format photos of Mongols hunting with Golden Eagles.

The following is not for the squeamish, but the music is great. Less professional photography than the next you tube but perhaps more authentic.   Golden Eagles are big but not so big as to successfully and safely hunt wolves by themselves. I guess
by hunting the wolves the herdsmen are cutting down on the losses to their sheep, goats, and yaks. Looks like a very difficult country for anything less than a centerfire. No doubt wolves and fox can see a long way. Below is a more PG rated video.

 I doubt I'll be catching any eagles soon but grandpa certainly has a cool looking coat.

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Originally posted to Hunting and Fishing Kos on Sun May 19, 2013 at 07:44 AM PDT.

Also republished by Liberal G Club.

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