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Received this e-mail today from our favorite progressive Congressman Alan Grayson (D. FL-9) regarding the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership:
The United States Trade Representative has invited public comments on the "Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership." (God, even the title makes you ill, doesn't it?) The "Partnership" actually is a partnership between multinational corporations and their sellout tools in government. It features "investor-state" dispute resolution, which permits huge corporations to file lawsuits to prevent government actions that they just don't like, such as health and safety regulations.

Tell our government what you think about this huge power-grab by multinational corporations. Submit your comment here:


This is not just a theoretical possibility. "These provisions elevate corporations to the level of nation states and allow them to sue governments over nearly any law or policy which reduces their future profits," the Sierra Club warns. The government of Canada has been sued under a similar clause in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) for refusing to export Canada's water. Canada also has been sued for keeping a pollutant out of its gasoline supply, and for taxing windfall profits by oil companies.

Why are we even thinking about handing over our sovereign rights to huge corporations who care nothing about us? Make your voice heard, by clicking here:


Who needs these "free trade" sell-outs, anyway? Since NAFTA went into effect in 1994, the United States has lost almost four million manufacturing jobs. Moreover, huge U.S. subsidies for corn have made it impossible for millions of Mexican families to survive on the farm. NAFTA accomplished something that hardly seems possible - impoverishing both American workers and Mexican ones. Can't we learn from our mistakes? And why are our leaders treating us like sheep being led to the slaughter?

Stop this subversive betrayal right now. Click here, and click now, to put in your two cents:


The First Amendment gives us the right to "petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Anyone who has been paying attention to these Judas-kiss trade "deals" is feeling mighty, mighty "aggrieved." So do something about it: click here to try to put an end to this nonsense:


The window for comments closes on Friday. So give them a piece of your mind today:



Rep. Alan Grayson

You can submit your comment here:



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Originally posted to pdc on Thu May 09, 2013 at 09:05 AM PDT.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions, Climate Hawks, and The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

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