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Rightwing Talking Point disseminator, the Heritage Foundation, is quietly trying to correct the damage done by one of their "policy advisers" earlier this week -- they're letting their faux expert/racist, spend more time with his family.  Wink. Wink.

Here's the background story, which let the Heritage Foundation insult an entire demographic segment of society (by assigning them with a $6.3 Trillion price tag) -- a very productive segment of society by the way, which forward-looking Republicans can little afford to insult:

Looks like Heritage hires them racist AND stupid these days
by kos --  May 08, 2013

And here's today's breaking news; here's how Republicans deal with their own deep-seated racial biases -- they find a sacrificial scapegoat to take the blame:

As controversy swirls, Heritage report author resigns

by Martina Stewart and Kevin Liptak, CNN -- May 10th, 2013

(CNN) - An author of a highly critical report on pending immigration legislation has resigned his post at the conservative Heritage Foundation after his previous writings, including a dissertation citing lower IQ among immigrants, drew widespread anger.

"Jason Richwine let us know he's decided to resign from his position," a spokesman for the Heritage Foundation said Friday. "He's no longer employed by Heritage. It is our long-standing policy not to discuss internal personnel matters."

Richwine, who was described on Heritage's website as a quantitative analyst, penned a 2009 dissertation at Harvard titled "IQ and Immigration Policy" that asserted in its summary the "average IQ of immigrants in the United States is substantially lower than that of the white native population, and the difference is likely to persist over several generations."

Ooops!  The Heritage Foundation can't let future voters know what hateful-sentiments really fuel their hateful Talking Points, now can they?  Not, and still hope to win their votes.


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Jason Richwine is a real piece of work -- one that was on the Heritage Foundation payroll.

But as of today no longer will Richwine be paid by Heritage to spread Racism-justification falsehoods:  (Thank goodness, and thanks to the internet.)

The IQ Test

by David Weigel, slate.com -- May 10, 2013,

This week, Heritage released a damning estimate of the immigration bill, co-authored by Richwine. The new study was all about cost, totally eliding the IQ issues that Richwine had mastered, but it didn’t matter after Washington Post reporter Dylan Matthews found the dissertation. Heritage hurried to denounce it -- “its findings in no way reflect the positions of The Heritage Foundation” -- and Richwine has ducked any more questions from the press.

Sadly however the Richwine's most recent Report is already out there -- rapidly becoming standard Rightwing fare anyways ... More fuel on their rabid bon-fires.

Heritage Foundation gets support of prominent conservative radio host paid to support them
by Hunter -- May 09, 2013

Question:  When will the Heritage Foundation reject the "academic conclusions" of Richwine too -- and not just his "unhelpful political baggage"?

Answer:  Probably not soon enough.  They like playing "both sides" of an issue. That's what two-faced, double-talking, double-standards are all about.

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