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The IRS scandal is Benghazi! All over again. But the target is the Affordable Care Act.

And just like little is stated by MSM about how funding for security for embassies and such was less than needed and requested, funding for IRS has been less than needed and requested.


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The IRS has an oversight board with the following description on its website:

The Oversight Board is a nine-member independent body charged to oversee the IRS in its administration, management, conduct, direction, and supervision of the execution and application of the internal revenue laws and to provide experience, independence, and stability to the IRS so that it may move forward in a cogent, focused direction.
As we learn more about the scandal, we will learn more about how IRS is integral to administering the ACA and why some in Congress will shout out that now is not the time to fund the IRS to help implement the ACA.

The IRS Oversight Committee submits annual reports to Congress. The 2012 annual report to Congress states: (pdf)

The IRS’ enacted FY2012 budget
fell below both the President’s
request and the IRS Oversight
Board’s recommended levels and
was $330 million less than the
FY2011 level. This budget cut has
real world consequences on both
service and compliance programs.
Golly, just like Benghazi! Then we have on page 26 of the annual report: (pdf)
The IRS Oversight Board has
expressed concern over the IRS’
growing portfolio of duties.
Recently, the IRS has been
called upon to implement the
tax portions of major pieces of
legislation, such as the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act
and the Affordable Care Act.
One third of the Recovery Act, or
$300 million, was administered
through the tax system. Similarly,
much of the “money flows” in the
Affordable Care Act go through the
tax system.

It is certainly a compliment to the
IRS that Congress entrusts it with
such important responsibilities.

However, the Board is
concerned that these additional
duties strain the IRS’ limited
resources. Even when Congress
provides additional funding
for implementation of new
responsibilities, the IRS still has
to pull leadership and technical
expertise from a dwindling pool
of critical experienced staff that
are needed for other pressing tax
administration duties.

The Board is closely monitoring
this mission creep. With
tighter budgets and a shrinking
workforce, the IRS cannot lose its
focus on its core competencies—
taxpayer service and enforcement.

(Bold emphasis mine)

I believe we are going to be hearing about the IRS scandal for quite some time (think 2014 election cycle). My hunch is that there are rational (not excusable) explanations for what happened and when but that will do little to dim the shrieking from the RW.

We will all know about the CADE 2 program (Customer Account Data Engine) soon enough and steps the IRS has had to make with dwindling resources of critical manpower and funds. (Not to excuse what happened; Seriously - imagine the poutrage we are going to be treated to)

One way to slow down implementation of Obamacare is to neuter IRS’s ability to help implement it. We don’t know yet how much of a “side show” we will be treated to but here’s one citizen that finds all of it pretty nauseating.

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