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Good Morning All. I am James, also known as exlrrp
    this is the Saturday  Morning Home Repair Blog where the Dailykos community gets together to talk about all things construction and repair. Our genial and expert staff stand ready to aid you on your every problem


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Well, I had planned to do a lengthier photo diary but photobucket has gotten so unwieldy, quirky  and hard to work with I'm only going to show a few photos.
I worked on several smaller items this last month. I'm rebuiliding the stairs to the lofts. These were some real Stupid---no railing, shaky, not attached to wall or floor, sitting on  carpet unttached. Here's a couple of old before pics
First picture is from the Bridge. How many of you have a bridge in your house? This shows  loft #1--th bridge goes to loft #2. The door in the back is my bedroom door
 photo tn_DSCF0610_zps115e2209.jpg
In the pic below, see the open door to the closet under the bridge? I built that closet too, and the one behind it. When I moved in here only one out of 6 bedrooms had a closet. Now all  but one do.
 photo tn_DSCF0601.jpg
I'd built the counter below the stairs, complete with microwave and refrigerator.
 photo tn_DSCF0734.jpg
anyway, here's the stairs as they are now.[Thursday] I 'm re using the old stairs but you won't be able to see any of the old part. I lagbolted the stairs to the wall, then screwed them to the floor. Covered them with veneer.  I added plywood risers and a toe to the front of the treads to make the carpet look better. I'm still working on the railing.
 photo tn_P1000049_zps2fb63ed2.jpg
 photo tn_P1000048_zps8fe1ab12.jpg

OK I worked and worked yessterday to get this  little closer to being done and so I would have more to tell you more about.
I worked my fingers to the bone for you! Worked! Fingers! Bone!!
Anyway, here's what it looks like now.
 photo P1000070_zpse59ef1f4.jpg
 photo P1000069_zps266781a9.jpg
The only part of the orighinal stairs you will see is that little triangle above the treads
 photo P1000068_zps8363c4fe.jpg

this was a triangular little corner closet in the entrance to the guest bath. Kind of an odd little place. We use it for a utility closet--mop, broom, etc but I hated the way it was all right out there for the guests to see so I came up with this little louvered door arrangement. I stain everything before I put it up, one reason everything takes so long.
 photo P1000060_zpsa2066cc6.jpg
 photo tn_P1000041_zps54defd49.jpg
 photo tn_P1000040_zps959c7f42.jpg

Well,thats enough from me, what are you working on?

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