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You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Monday May 18, 1903
Denver, Colorado - Citizens Alliance Gives Ultimatum to Unionized Business

The Citizens Alliance recently sent a committee around to various unionized businesses. They gave various firms a deadline by which they must end all of their union contracts or suffer the consequences: they would no longer have buyers for their products, and prices on their supplies would be raised. This proved too much even for the conservative Denver Post which exclaimed, "If these steps had been taken by unions, all the better class, so-called, in the city would be loud in denouncing them." The Citizens Alliance responded by instructing the Denver Advertisers' Association to see to it that newspapers in Denver learn the advantage of remaining friendly to the "business interests."

History of the Labor Movement in the United States Vol 3
The Policies and Practices of the American Federation of Labor 1900-1909

-by Philip S Foner
International Pub, 1981

Carlo Tresca
Sunday May 18, 1913
Paterson, New Jersey - Socialist editor, Alexander Scott, arrested.

Alexander Scott was arrested yesterday and charged with using his Socialist newspaper, The Passaic Weekly Issue, to advocate "hostility to the Government." He is locked up in the county jail, and bail has been set at $5000. Scott is facing 15 years in the state prison.

A new indictment was also returned against Carlo Tresca for inciting strikers to assemble unlawfully. He will, undoubtedly, be served with a warrant just as soon as he returns to Paterson.



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Saturday May 18, 2013
From Fast Food Forward: Stop the Wage Theft!

Paying workers a wage too low to live on is still too much for some employers. And, thus, they must add wage-theft into the raw deal that they give their employees. This is an email from Joseph Barrera, a fast food worker:

I'm being stolen from. Almost every week. By KFC. AKA, my employer.

See, I often work more than 40 hours a week. By law, that means I should get overtime pay.

But I don't. And it's not just me. It's me and, according to a recent survey of New York City employees, about 84% of other fast food workers who have had their wages stolen in some way or another by their employers, whether it's working off the clock, not getting paid overtime, being forced to pay for our uniforms, or other ways.

This is shameful and appalling. And it's got to stop. I've asked my boss over and over to stop stealing from me, but I need help. All of us need help.

Will you join me? Please, tell companies like McDonald's, Domino's, Taco Bell, KFC, Papa John's, Pizza Hut and Burger King not only to stop paying their workers poverty wages, but also to stop stealing from us!

Theft is a harsh word – but that's exactly what this is. I truly believe that the companies will stop – but only with a public outcry from folks like you (and me!).

For a $200 billion dollar fast food industry, there's just no excuse for short-changing workers, but time after time we see illegal deductions, bounced paychecks, forced hours off the clock, refusal to reimburse for work expenses, and more.

There's a whole lot that needs to change about how fast food companies operate. But at a minimum we should all be able to agree about them not stealing from their workers.

Stand with us today:http://action.fastfoodforward.org/...

Joseph Barrera
KFC Employee
Fast Food Forward

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Fast Food Forward

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