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or playing detective, you'll like geoguessr.

All those street view photos that Google takes for Google Maps? Some guy made a guessing game with them. Actually, his name is Anton Wellen, and it's fairly interesting.

It's really easy to play.. you see a photo you can scan 360 degrees, and you guess the location by clicking on a map. You're assigned points for your answer, but as they always said in "Who's line is this, anyways?", the points don't really mean much. The game also tells you the exact distance between the location and your guess.

My particular observations:

1. If your computer is running slow, it's too frustrating, because you need to scan around to see the whole photo, and it will fragment and piss you off.

2. Look at buildings, the cars, the signs, the pavement, the painted lines on the road, everything. I even note the soil color, the type of plants and trees and rocks.

3. Sometimes it's relatively easy. I got one photo with a sign "Winnemucca Chamber of Commerce" and two street signs, and located it to 0.024 km of where the photo was taken.

4. Other photos have no landmarks, and well, you take yer best guess.. Many countries must have never been photographed. Australia, the US, Canada, Brasil, Norway, Sweden and Russia show up a lot. Eastern Europe, South Africa, Japan, China, Spain and others some, but less. Many, apparently, never.

5. Only one photo, so far I recognized on sight. It was in the mountains south of Palm Springs and didn't have anything to identify it except the landscape, but I knew that one. It was kind of a nice deja vu feeling.

6. I don't open other windows to get clues. If you want to, fine. If I see a street sign or a town name on the photo, I can zoom into the map (where I post my guess) and often find more info.

So, take a look, play detective, and post your scores in the comments. My highest score for 5 photos was 15,500, but a really good guesser could double that.


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