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In this diary  I outlined a method for finding vulnerable Republican representatives.

Now, it's time for more research. Twitter handles. Positions. Dumbass statements. A start on this is below the fold; since this involves a lot of work and a lot of text, I'm dividing it up by state.  Previously California and Colorado and Florida; Iowa and Illinois. Michigan. .  Minnesota and Nebraska. Nevada and New JerseyNew York

Today: Ohio!

Oh, and if YOU have information on these people, PLEASE share it.  

This list will be targeted by me on Twitter (I am @peterflom) with the hashtag #StopGOP. You can help by spreading the word, using the hashtag and exposing these Republicans!


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In OH-01   Obama got 46.3% while       Steve Chabot got    57.7%. OH-01 is a bizarrely shaped two-piece district in the southwest corner of the state. On the map, it's hard to tell but it looks like it has half of Cincinnati.

Chabot was first elected in 1994, but was ousted by Steve Dreihaus in 2008; he the won the seat back in 2010. He has been endorsed by the NRA, Ohio Right to Life and the Chamber of Commerce.  Chabot tweets as @RepSteveChabot.

Chabot had no really large donors in 2012, probably because he also had no Democratic opposition. Although Chabot had no opposition in 2012, this seat has been competitive.  I do not know of any opponent.

Obama got 48.2% in OH-10  where  Michael Turner   got 59.5%. OH-10 is in the western part of southern Ohio, including Dayton.

Turner was first elected in 2002. He has been endorsed by the NRA, Ohio Right to Life and the Chamber of Commerce. Turner tweets as @RepMikeTurner.

Turner did not have any huge donors in 2012, but the largest were the real estate and defense industries. In 2012 he outraised his opponent Sharon Neuhardt by $1.2 million ot $600,000.

In 2010, CREW named Turner one of the "most corrupt" members of congress. I do not know of any opponents in 2014.

In OH-14 Obama got 47.6% while   David Joyce  got 54.0%. OH-14 is the northeast corner of OH, bordering PA and Lake Erie.

Joyce was selected to replace Steve LaTourette in August, 2012. He has been endorsed by the NRA, Ohio Right to Life and the Chamber of Commerce.  I did not find a Twitter account for him.

Because Joyce has never run, there are no campaign finance reports for him. EDIT per comments Michael Wager is running against Joyce.


And in   OH-15 Obama got 46.3% while   Steve Stivers . got 61.6%. OH-15 is in the center of the southern part of Ohio, wrapping around Columbus.

Stivers was first elected in 2012. He has been endorsed by the NRA, Ohio Right to Life and the Chamber of Commerce. Stivers tweets as @RepSteveStivers.

Wikipedia, DKE, Open Secrets, Twitter, Organizing for America, Vote Smart, CREW, Ballotopedia, Act Blue

Here is a map of Ohio.

Still to come:

PA-06         Gerlach, Jim                     48.1
PA-07          Meehan, Pat                   48.5
PA-15         Dent, Charlie                    47.9
PA-16          Pitts, Joe                       46.3

VA-02         Rigell, Scott                     50.1
VA-04         Forbes, Randy                  48.8
VA-05         Hurt, Robert                    45.9
VA-10         Wolf, Frank                      48.8

WA-03        Herrera Beutler, Jaime        47.9

WI-01         Ryan, Paul                       47.4
WI-06         Petri, Tom                      45.8
WI-07         Duffy, Sean                     47.8
WI-08         Ribble, Reid                      47.6

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