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Two Safes Stolen
Special Election Florida House District 2
Jeremy Lau (D) v. "aka Mike" Hill (Tea Party)

Santa Rosa County elections officials were scrambling Monday to contact 33 early voters and two absentee voters whose ballots were in one of two safes stolen from a Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections office over the weekend, just ahead of today’s special state House District 2 election.
Pensacola News Journal

It's kind of sad that there were only 33 combined votes  between absentees and early voters, but fortunately most voters have been contacted and allowed to recast their ballots. According to police reports nothing else in the building ,which also house the drivers license office, was taken. Hopefully, more people will show at the polls today, but turnout is expected to be light.

One vote that will not be cast will be Tea Party President  Mike Hill's. He does not live in this district. It would be cool if he lost by one vote.

Here's more on the Teabagger below the fold:


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On June 11-14, Florida District 2 voters will choose a member of the Florida House to replace deceased Rep. Clay Ford. The candidates are Jeremy Lau (D) and Mike Hill (R). Neither has held public office before. Hill is president of the Northwest Florida Tea Party and has refused to debate Lau.

 photo MissingMikeHill_zpscf52871e.jpgThe nonpartisan League of Women Voters held a forum on May 18 in Pensacola to ask questions to both candidates in the Florida House District 2 race.
Mike Hill was a no show.

May 21, again sponsored by the League of Women Voters to be televised on WSRE, the candidates both accepted.
Mike Hill was a no show.

NAACP District 2 Candidate Forum
Mike Hill was a no show.

June 3, Community Town Hall
Mike Hill was a no show.

Strangely, The Pensacola News Journal (PNJ) has endorsed Hill in an article that claimed...

Hill said he would support any measures that make state government more transparent.
Even though Hill, an African-American, skipped out on the NAACP forum, the PNJ reports...
Hill would bring needed diversity to the local delegation, as well as the Republican Party. There are no black Republican legislators in Tallahassee.
Oddly, the Pensacola News journal that endorsed Hill reports that...
Santa Rosa sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Rich Aloy said investigators do not think the break-in was politically motivated.

“We have no leads to say that at this point,” he said.

“They didn’t even come over to our side of the building,” he said. “They didn’t rifle through any of our desks. They didn’t try to gain access to our safe or anything like that.”

So, they ignored the drivers license and sheriff's office and only ripped of two safes from the election HQ.  Nothing to see here. move along.
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