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I am astounded,  flabbergasted, words cannot describe.  I will apologize right up front.  Haven't done much editing, or organizing. So don't throw stones, just keep scrollin' on.....

I started by following a few public links (Google maps of Bluffdale (Utah Data Center), then I followed through to NSA web site.  I've provided links at the bottom of this diary if you'd care to see for yourself.

First, hard to find but there for the world to see, is a list of the things they intend to collect IN THEIR WORDS (emphasis mine).

For security reasons, it is unrealistic to expect a complete list of information we collect for our national citizen database. In the spirit of openness and transparency however, here is a partial list:

    internet searches
    websites visited
    emails sent and received
    social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
    blogging activity including posts read, written, and commented on - View our patent
    videos watched and/or uploaded online
    photos viewed and/or uploaded online
    music downloads
    mobile phone GPS-location data
    mobile phone apps downloaded
    phone call records - View our patent
    text messages sent and received
    online purchases and auction transactions
    bookstore receipts
    credit card/ debit card transactions
    bank statements
    cable television shows watched and recorded
    commuter toll records
    parking receipts
    electronic bus and subway passes / Smartpasses
    travel itineraries
    border crossings
    surveillance cameras
    medical information including diagnoses and treatments
    prescription drug purchases
    guns and ammunition sales
    educational records
    arrest records
    driver license information

Notice, this is a partial list.

After the orange doodle, let's review the drawings that illustrate just how this works.


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A graphic of how this will affect "citizens".  I'm not sure why we're color-coded...

Dozens of "fusion centers"   feeding data to NSA.....

Now in the SAR Information Lfow, notice how data flows BACK to the private entities that provided info.

Their goal is to have enough computer power to decrypt any AES, which is commonly used for all transactions.  So don't bother using any encryption, it won't make any difference.  Again, in their words.....

Our Target: 256-bit AES

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm is used worldwide to encrypt electronic data on hard drives, email systems, and web browsers. The AES 256-bit encryption key is the standard for top-secret US government communications. Computer experts have estimated it would take longer than the age of the universe to break the code using a trial-and-error brute force attack with today's computing technology.

In 2004, the NSA launched a plan to use the Multiprogram Research Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to build a classified supercomputer designed specifically for cryptanalysis targeting the AES algorithm. Recently, our classified NSA Oak Ridge facility made a stunning breakthrough that is leading us on a path towards building the first exaflop machine (1 quintillion instructions per second) by 2018. This will give us the capability to break the AES encryption key within an actionable time period and allow us to read and process stored encrypted domestic data as well as foreign diplomatic and military communications.

Finally, they mention the partners they CAN tell us about....
Other Partners We Can Publicly Disclose

FBI - Information collected from the use of National Security Letters authorized by the PATRIOT Act; Phone calls and text messages from the FBI Digital Collection System (DCSNet); "Google-like" search capability of citizen information from the FBI Law Enforcement National Data Exchange Program; Cell phone location tracking from the Stingray "IMSI catchers" (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) masquerading as cell phone towers.

CIA - The Central Intelligence Agency has publicly committed to increasing its data collection efforts. CIA Chief Technology Officer Gus Hunt explains why: "The value of any piece of information is only known when you can connect it with something else that arrives at a future point in time. Since you can't connect dots you don't have, we fundamentally try to collect everything and hang on to it forever."

DHS - TSA airline passenger data; surveillance data from unmanned domestic Predator B drones patrolling the northern and southern borders

Treasury - Cash Transaction Reporting and Suspicious Activity Reporting data

State/Local government - Electronic transit cards; electronic toll collectors; vehicle information and location data captured by license plate readers; public transportation video/audio surveillance systems


Review this information.  Sorry about this not being very well organized I thought it more important to publish than to produce a work of art.

If you want to see for yourself, and remember this is what the NSA wants us to see, to intimidate us, go to the following


7:56 AM PT: Update :

It has been pointed out the links are to an NSA parody site.  However, most of the info displayed is referred to by official DHS web sites


Can't wait for October.  

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