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The Rush Limbaugh boycotters and protesters are once again proving their strength. Major sponsors are immediately taking action, after finding their ads were played on Limbaugh's show, without their knowledge. This is due to radio stations scrambling to fill the empty ad spots from thousands of sponsors who have dumped Rush Limbaugh's show due to boycotts.

Recently, Microsoft Store found out one of their ads was played on Limbaugh's show after being contacted by boycotters, and immediately tweeted back they were taking care of the situation.

@MicrosoftStore: Thank you so much for your feedback. We've asked that our ads not be played during that broadcast.
Two days ago a Ford company claimed their ads were being played erroneously, and they also were ensuring boycotters that their ads would no longer be heard on the hate monger's show.
There are hundreds of messages and tweets like the above from companies saying they were not aware their ads were being played. It's more believable, that with Microsoft Store, there was a true error and the mega company is innocent of intentionally advertising on the show.

As for Ford, it's hard to tell if they had knowledge, as the StopRush Database shows that Ford has been heavily advertising with Limbaugh for a while. In fact last week two major boycott Facebook groups, Boycott Rush Limbaugh and FlushRush groups staged a massive Twitter, Facebook and Email 'blast.' Thousands of concerned consumers contacted Ford companies to let the automaker franchises know they would not support a company that supported Rush Limbaugh. As they see it, companies that support the talk show host, support his hate speech. Looks like it was successful with at least one franchise. We'll see if the other Ford companies follow suit.

Speaking of suits, one would think some of the companies who are finding their ads are being played on Limbaugh's show without permission, would take legal action. Given the national protest, and the fact that Limbaugh sponsor lists go out to hundreds of thousands everyday, being on that sponsor list can substantially damage a company's reputation - and income.

With so many sponsors (again, thousands) 'flushing' rush, why is Limbaugh still on the air? It's partly due to his unscrupulous parent company, Clear Channel, run by Bob Pittman and John Sykes (who, by the way, lost over $200 million last year, after the Limbaugh Boycotts began). Pitman and Sykes continue to ignore the outrage of the American public and carry Limbaugh's racist, sexist and lgbt hating show on 600 radio stations nationwide. It's also due to the fact that Limbaugh has reportedly received large sums of money from Tea Party affiliates to broadcast their propaganda. How large of a sum? Former FreedomWorks head leaked millions had been given to Limbaugh and his comrades, on Clear Channel's hate parade. Is it legal? That is being investigated, as according to FCC, Limbaugh must disclose the receipt of such funding to his audience. It's not 'clear' that he did.

Boycotters are taking other avenues to bring Rush Limbaugh and Clear Channel down. They are contacting mega recording stars like Beyonce', Mariah Cary and Green Day asking them not to support iHeart Radio that is owned by Clear Channel - until the Clear Channel drops Limbaugh. The boycotters are writing to radio stations and the FCC as well

The public is hitting Rush Limbaugh hard, from every angle, and he simply can't last much longer. His malicious commentary is contrary to the majority of public opinion. And they are tired of his hate speech and lies on their public radio. Let him take his vile broadcasting private. The public's voice is being heard loud and clear, and the sponsors are taking action. It's time for Clear Channel network to take action as well, or they will, undoubtedly be going down with the 'Limbaugh-Good-Ship-About-To-Pop'.

There are several ways to get involved:

Sign: Limbaugh Petition

Join: Boycott Rush Limbaugh Group (Approaching 58,000 followers and growing daily)

Visit: The StopRush Database

Email: FCC Acting Chairwoman Clyburn

Women's rights organizations like NOW and UniteWomen.org, as well as other large groups like AddictingInfo.org, Daily Kos, Being Liberal, and Media Matters have fully supported and helped the movement.



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