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Another day, another laugh out loud headline, courtesy of today's Republican Party. Call it The Revenge of The Toobz. Of all the things for Republicans to pick on this is a really pretty weird one.

  Well maybe not, after all it doesn't say anything in the Bible about the Internet. And granted that is all scienc-y thus beyond their intellectual capacities to deal with. But still the GOP is constantly screeching about American exceptionalism and here is an opportunity to have America catch up with the rest of the world by providing all its citizens with affordable, high speed internet, but no:

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America is woefully behind other industrialized countries in broadband and it affects global competitiveness.

The consequences are far worse than having to wait a few extra seconds for a movie to load. Because broadband connections are the railroads of the 21st century—essential infrastructure required to transmit products (these days, in the form of information) from seller to buyer—our creaky Internet makes it harder for U.S. entrepreneurs to compete in global markets. As evidence, consider that the U.S. came in dead last in another recent study that compared how quickly 40 countries and regions have been progressing toward a knowledge-based economy over the past 10 years. “We are at risk in the global race for leadership in innovation,” FCC chairman Julius Genachowski said recently. “Consumers in Japan and France are paying less for broadband and getting faster connections. We’ve got work to do.”
President Obama has a plan for doing something about it, but it's a 'blatant attempt to subvert the will of the American people" according to GOP Rep. Mike Grimm (NY-11).
"It's just a flagrant, you know, arrogant disregard not just for the current Congress," Grimm said in an interview with Fox News. "Look, it's not about me personally. That's not what this is about. You think about who is the Congress? It really — it is the voice of the people."
Don't give us any internet or give us death! He no doubt has heard that from America. Although how is not clear since he refuses to hold a Town Hall for his constituents.

As a WH spokesman said:

"You would think that connecting schools to the information superhighway would be a pretty noncontroversial topic, particularly when it's something that could be accomplished through a relatively modest investment," Earnest said. "Unfortunately, we haven't seen a lot of action in Congress, so the president has advocated an administrative, unilateral action to get this done. We're not going to wait for Congress to act."
Yes, you would think so, if  you had a functioning brainstem, something that is not standard equipment in Republicans. According to Grimm, President Obama does NOT care what the American people think!
"He has an agenda and he's going to do whatever he has to do to pass that agenda, regardless of the Constitution," Grimm said. "I mean, I think our founding fathers are turning over in the graves right now because he's just so blatant in his— the administrators, the people he puts in charge of these agencies are bold and brazen about saying, 'yes, we're going to make an end run around Congress.'"
Plus, President Obama has only himself to blame for the dysfunctional Congress because leadership is about leading.

Rep. Grimm knows what Americans want (even though he refuses to hold a Town Hall during his 5 week summer recess). They want to use tin cans tied with string!


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Originally posted to Heavy Mettle on Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 09:05 PM PDT.

Also republished by Knowledge Democrats.

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