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As you read in Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN's first diary on the subject,

homogenius is a long time Kossack, who has been with the site since January, 2005.  He actually came to the site earlier, during the Jeff Gannon fiasco, and he is the cofounder of KosAbility.  Like many of our fellow Kossacks, he's endured a lot of hard times, and while I don't know him well enough to say things are currently at their worst for him, they're pretty darn tough, and he could really use some help to try and play catch-up.
I don't know him as well as I'd like to either. I know we're relatively local to each other, and I understand now EXACTLY how generous an offer he made to me during the earliest stages of my bereavement was. We're talking about a fellow Kossack whose generosity of spirit is inspiring, but whose physical being is still in a precarious situation. More below the fleur de Kos.

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The first round of this went well, as homogenius reported in a comment toward the end of the comment thread at 7:38 PM

Thanks again.

We're closing on $500 for this effort.

Thank you so much.  

 In a subsequent comment, he said he'd sleep better that night. So good news! Thanks to BFSkinner, blue jersey mom, Chrislove, CJB, Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN, eeff, emeraldmaiden, Lorikeet, mollyd, Pat K California, Scottie Thomaston, and weck for their generous contributions, and thanks to all the commenters in the first diary for doing what we do here at Daily Kos so well, let people who need support know how much the community cares, particularly that these people in need are not alone at their keyboards. I certainly know this from your response to my bereavement diaries, and homogenius knows this too, as he observed in the comments:
Thanks so much, everyone. (22+ / 0-)

What I didn't capture in my part of the diary is the many wonderful things that have happened since my big crisis last Spring. Even though the pay and the corporate environment is lousy, I have had some amazing experiences at work, met some wonderful people from around the world, and worked with some great young people (they have no clue how old I am--LOL).

The kindness and generosity of that first fundraiser is what set me on the path to healing and renewed functionality. The problem is, I'm peddling as fast as I can.  I've made constant improvement these past 16 months and I'm both proud of that and grateful for all of you who got me started.

When I lost my dream job in 2001, I didn't want to live--in my own mind and heart I was virtually dead. Repeated attempts at therapy and medication weren't enough to get me back on my feet.  Doing temp work at a big company HQ in SF for several years helped me take the first steps.  But moving back to SoCal away from the "scene of the crime" and getting permanent (if only part-time) work has really helped (even though I still miss our SF Kossacks).

I also need to give credit to my best friend and his family.  His two boys (10 and 14) are my "nephews" and their folks have been footing the bill for me to take them on outings this summer. Their joy, humor, enthusiasm, and unconditional love has had a huge impact on me.

So thanks everyone--I've been working hard and trying to do better every day.

More good news.

But there's still work to do. I can't really improve on Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN's conclusion, so here it is, with a couple of additions by this diarist:

Heck, I'm always blown away by the generosity you folks display, I'm just hoping for another 'Touched by a Kossack' tearjerker internet special to keep*homogenius* with a roof over his head, the ability to eat, to walk, and to see.

And if you are tapped out, please send your good wishes and thoughts and prayers for homogenius, or even volunteer to host this diary again (as I'm doing right now) - We'd like to run at least 2 or 3 more times to try and make sure our site members who have different schedules for logging in get a chance to see this.

If you can, here's how to contribute to this worthy cause:
So where does your money go?

    The fast way: Log on to Paypal.com and send money to Homogenius001@aol.com

    (Please note: There is a name with the initial's DL on the PayPal account. This might be confusing if you know HomoGee's secret identity.)

    The slow way: Kosmail homogenius and he'll send you his mailing address.

I used PayPal. It was easy.
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Originally posted to Dave in Northridge on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 03:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by Community Fundraisers, Kossacks helping each other, and Kitchen Table Kibitzing.

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