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This whole run-up to what seems an inevitable attack on Syria has me gut wrenched.  I hate to see Obama going with the neocon crowd.  I hate to see the US embroiled in yet another imbroglio in the Middle East that we really have no business being involved in.  I hate that my tax dollars can't help women in need but can bomb or drone innocents in another country.  I read this on Reddit today and it reminded me of Daniel Yergin's book, "The Prize:  The Epic Quest for Money, Oil and Power," which if you haven't read you should.  Really puts into perspective why big oil killed the electric car.  I'm looking for feedback on this, not positing it as my own position.  What say you DK?


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Right now, the US Dollar makes up 2/3rds of the worlds global reserve currency. This is because nearly every oil-exporting country in the world exclusively sells their oil in dollars, so nations are forced to hoard large amounts of the dollar.

There are two countries that don't sell their oil in the dollar: Syria, and Iran.

If these two countries joined forces, got Venezuela on their side, maybe a few other countries, and then made an economic treaty with the BRICS nations, an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, to buy their oil in a currency other than the US dollar, the economy would collapse

All countries in the world would send their massive hoards of the dollar back to the Fed in exchange for whichever currency replaces it. The value of the dollar would shrink dramatically and the Fed would be forced to take steps to shrink the money supply to stem massive inflation. The raising of the Federal Funds rate would mean that there would not be enough new loans created to pay off old loans (which is necessary, because there is always more debt in the economy than there is money, because money is created with interest attached, from the very beginning we are all indebted to a small cabal that sits behind the federal reserve). The defaulting of loans would lead to a chain reaction that would collapse the $700,000,000,000,000 derivatives market. In addition, the Fed wouldn't be able to mindlessly pump money into the economy anymore such as with their current policy of quantitative easing.

In 2001, Iraq began selling their oil in the Euro. We invaded.

In 2010 Gaddafi proposed a new currency called the Gold Dinar to replace the dollar for oil sales. We bombed the shit out of his country and caused a regime change.

Syria moved away from the Dollar in 06 and Iran in 08. That is what this is all about. There are other geopolitical objectives, sure, such as the pipeline that Syria signed with Iran instead of the US friendly Qatar, but the Petrodollar is the king. It is literally the only reason the dollar and US economy is stable. The entirety of the Western financial elite need the Petrodollar system and they are willing to go to war and kill millions to defend it.

Some food for thought: how are they able to keep discussion about the petrodollar completely out of the mainstream media and politics? Hundreds, maybe thousands of people acting in concert to lie to the American people for another war. And they will do the same for Iran.

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Of course, I think the timing is right in line with what has been coming out about the NSA spying.  Nothing like a war to distract the ants, right?  :(  

And for the record, the poster on Reddit deleted his comment despite being posted as a Best Of . . .  Hmmm.  :(  If anyone can discount this I'm all ears.

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