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The October edition of Harper's Index has arrived (along with the rest of Harper's magazine). Excerpts:

• Cost of a U.S. command center completed last November in Afghanistan’s Helmand province: $34,000,000

• Number of days it has been used: 0

• Percentage of students enrolled in Afghan schools in 2001 who were girls: 0

• Percentage of those enrolled today who are: 40

• Average length of time, in years, a prisoner placed in solitary confinement in California spends there: 7

• Percentage change since 1979 in the portion of low-wage workers holding a four-year college degree: +100

• Number of states in which it is legal to fire someone over sexual orientation: 29

• Portion of the U.S. population who believe it is against federal law to do so: 9/10

• Projected year by which the sale of adult diapers will outpace the sale of baby diapers in Japan: 2020

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2005Frost: Run every district:

It's no longer just crazy bloggers calling for a wide assault on the GOP congressional majorities. Former Texas Rep. Martin Frost, former candidate for the DNC chairmanship, former head of the DCCC, and, er, Fox News columnist, has joined the call.

MEMO TO: Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Howard Dean [...]

It's time to throw out the traditional playbook and be bold as you plan for the 2006 elections. There is a real possibility that next year's contest will be a landslide for Democrats and you need to be prepared to win.

Specifically, Emanuel and Schumer should file candidates for every single Congressional seat and ever single Senatorial seat in the country, even those that have traditionally been Republican. And the DNC should be encouraging state legislative leaders throughout the country to take similar action on the state house and senate levels. [...]

Tweet of the Day:

New Definitions: "Million-Whatever March" is now defined as "82 people showed up."

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