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Trickle down? What trickle down?

We should be swimming in trickle down RIGHT NOW. Wall Street is back, CEO salaries are though the roof again, and where is trickle down? Where is the wage growth? Where are the jobs? When does "Trickle Down" kick in? It doesn't because Trickle Down is a lie.

2 years ago I marched with Occupy Wall Street. Things haven't really changed much for 99% of us since then. The rich are still getting richer BECAUSE the rest of us are getting poorer, and yet the rich want to lecture the people who bailed them out for being lazy and not recognizing how awesome the super rich people we bailed out are. Half of our political establishment is hell bent on cut taxes for the rich, funding more wars and taking food stamps away from hungry American children, because Who Would Jesus Starve?

One side of our political establishment keeps dreaming up ways to make things worse for 99% of us because free markets FTW.

Since OWS began 2 years ago we've had several horrifying mass murders by crazed gunmen in America, we had a Presidential election where Mitt Romney told 47% of us to go to hell, we've had several GOP hostage situations where the GOP threatens to sabotage America in order to make Obama pass an agenda the GOP can NOT win elections on, and all the while the rest of us stagnate under rising costs of living and stagnant, shrinking wages while the 1% have it better than ever.

And so we march again.

And while these Wall Street jerks we bailed out lecture us about how lazy we are and how awesome Ayn Rand is, I ask the question to our wealthy overlords, "Are you trying to piss off the volcano?"

There are two America's. One is glued to Fox News. The other lives in reality.

And the America that lives in reality understands that the minimum wage MUST be raised. The America that lives in reality understands that you can't afford to live on $9 an hour. The America that lives in reality understands that we bailed out Wall Street and our kindness has been repaid with animosity, scorn and lectures about Ayn Rand's awesomeness.

Things have not changed enough.

So we march again. And again next year, and on and on.

If trickle down ISN'T bullshit where is it? Oh, we must meet more Wall Street demands first! Then it will like totally kick in, honestly. Just cut taxes for the rich to nothing, end all regulations and kiss Mitt Romney's feet and it will totally trickle down, conservatives swear. I call bullshit.

Tonight I am going on the Ed Schultz show. I will be dusting off my old Union Kepi and saying what comes to mind, but the heart of what is going on in America is simple, 99% of us are getting screwed so the wealthiest 1% can have it better than ever.

And Republicans are the problem.

More below the fold


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I have always been a Democrat. I was before OWS and I am still one after. Though democrats are not blameless in all of this it is obvious to me that Republicans are the problem. I took a shower. I got a job. Shit is still fucked up and bullshit, and the GOP answer is to do what George W Bush would have done and if dems don't pretend Romney/Ryan won they will sabotage America and unleash disaster and suffering on 99% of us. And if you protest against that you are un-American.

We should recognize that one party is owned by Wall Street (The GOP) and the other party is rented by Wall Street (The Dems), but if we want a better system we can't keep waiting for 3rd party Superman, we must recognize that one party is utterly hostile to anyone who doesn't fawn over billionaires to coddle and the other party that is supposed to be fighting for us can't tell if they'd rather lose a million voters or one million dollar donor. If we are going to get money out of politics we have to vote for candidates who can actually win who will do that, candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders. One party hates us, the other party flirts with us and Wall Street and can't figure out who to woo. Change is coming. Democrats can no more try to win Wall Street and a dying main street any better than the GOP can appeal to racist people and brown people at the same time, the two are not compatible.

One of our major political parties has a future. The other does not.

But the PEOPLE, we the people have to get involved, and the billionaire financed Tea Party is winning that debate against OWS hands down. OWS has no elected politicians, no billionaire funders, no clearly defined platform, a ton of good intentions and zero leadership. The Tea Party has elected candidates, billionaire funders and their toadie leaders, a platform from the 1880's and ill-intentions against everyone who isn't an Obamacare hating political nihilist. Two years since Occupy began the Tea Party is hell bent on destroying America so they can blame it on Obama. Obama will be gone in three years or so, and what then? Will we still see income inequality growing? Most likely? Will the gap between the super rich and everyone else get bigger? Very likely. Is anyone trying to do anything to fix that?


Occupy Wall Street and a few others like Elizabeth Warren, sure, but that's it.

So what do we do? We organize, we march, we fight for working class people like us.

And the GOP hates that.

Occupy Wall Street has taught me many things, not the least of which is who hates me, and it is clear that the right wing of American politics hates everyone who is not a millionaire or their lap dog. Bill O'Reilly called me a Pinhead, the Wall Street Journal trashed me too, and all for the crime of asking when the trickle down is going to kick in and why it hasn't yet.

It's because trickle down is bullshit.

One political party is America is dying, the GOP, and they hate OWS along with everyone else who isn't approved by Fox News. The other political party has a future, but will it be 3rd Way Wall Street lickspittles or people who are actually trying to do what is right for 100% of America?

That is what I am fighting for.

That is worth marching for.

And all I have to do is ask myself, who would Martin Luther King Jr be fore? OWS? Or the Tea Party?

5 years after the Wall Street bailout and NOTHING has trickled down but pain and poverty. 2 years after OWS began and nothing has improved because the Tea Party nihilists are convinced that destroying America's government and blaming it on Obama is more important than fixing the mess created under George W . Bush. Shit is still fucked up and bullshit, and for 99% of us things are getting worse.

It is a class war. The rich WON. Now it is a blowout and Wall Street is trying to run up the score. So we march, just as our parents marched 50 years ago.

God bless Occupy Wall Street. The only thing that has changed since OWS began is that the post-Romney GOP is a total dumpster fire than and Elizabeth Warren is a Senator, which leads me to my conclusion: It gets better.

But only if we fight like hell.

I leave the floor to you



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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Tue Sep 17, 2013 at 10:02 AM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street and Hellraisers Journal.

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