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On Monday, October 14, Mark Steyn substituted for Rush Limbaugh.  He paid #StopRush the greatest compliment by mentioning us on his show.  I cannot go any further before I thank Mr. Steyn for calling NikLuk "Princess Prissy Pants."  Yes, that is what Mark Steyn called Nikluk, "Princess Prissy Pants."  Even I do not know if it should be PRINCE Prissy Pants or PRINCESS Prissy Pants.  I became so jealous that I have asked Nikluk if I could please borrow the moniker.  After she agreed I altered the name slightly to @hrhprissy.  See how that works?  The gender is inclusive.

I don't know about you, but last Monday morning I usually leap out of bed, excited for another opportunity to #StopRush.  This particular Monday we here at Newt Alpha Base [all the UNPAID Rush Limbaugh monitors] issued a collective “ugh,” scrambled for coffee and inserted toothpicks to keep our eyelids open.  Steyn is stinky boring.  Yawn.  

When Steyn's voice came on instead of Limbaugh's, my heart sank.  We went to all that work, getting the petition signed and delivering it to the radio station and Rush might still possibly be in Los Angeles.  The horror.  Excuses were given that Rush was suffering from bottle flu aggravated when TMZ captured him outside Toscana.

That’s what my Cousin Jane told me anyway.  Limbaugh had visited Los Angeles for “secret meetings” and broadcast from secret basement confines. Here'e the TMZ proof that Rushbo actually was in LA.

Rush Limbaugh DISSES Howard Stern! http://www.tmz.com/... via @TMZ

Rushbo had explained at the beginning of the week of October 14 that the dittocam was positioned behind his head?  I could not stomach seeing Rush in LA, even from a basement, so I took his word for it and left my dittocam on pause.  Furthermore, I could not possibly tune into the dittocam AND keep my breakfast.  Rush reported that all one could see was his cochlear implant, his cigar and the ashtray on his broadcast desk.  Quite the trilogy.

So here's Mark Steyn last Monday, October 21, behind the golden microphone.  He was explaining, Why would a Canadian citizen doctor-shop in the "United States IN America?"  Yes, that is what Steyn calls our country: the "United States IN America."  Close but no cigar.  

Canadians have their own health care.  However, they apparently don’t have doctors that will take $50 for a negative HIV test without actually administering the test.

Oh, sorry.  That was a Wall Street Journal employee who doctor-shopped in Brooklyn.

Which reminds me of the time I called my friend Bill, telling him my other friend had a problem drinking too much.  Bill, a gorgeous hunk of manhood AND a construction worker (there’s something about that low-slung toolbelt) had achieved sobriety and I knew he could help “my friend.”  

Steyn has marred the good name of Enosburg, Vermont, permanently.  Just across the border from Montreal, poor Enosburg will live in infamy as the innocent New England town that Steyn, a Canadian, chose to get an HIV test.  If we had only known in advance, we could have called Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to report his border crossing.  But he is WHITE so we don’t have to worry about him.  

Professor Steyn also works at Hillsdale College.  I wonder if his students need toothpicks?  The President of Hillsdale referred to "the dark ones."  Since Steyn is "a white one," ICE may not be interested.

In 2009, the gendarmes arrested Rush for doctor shopping.  Besides being wackos, Rushbo and Mark have that in common.

Steyn claims he needed the HIV test for emigration to the United States IN America.  Wait a minute.  Emigrate?  Does that mean he is trying to become a U.S. citizen  Somebody call ICE, quick.

NikLuk first recognized this story on the Rush Limbaugh Show for what it was.  Thank you for helping me define the issue and for all your efforts on #stoprush.


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Besides the possibility of arrest, here are a couple fun facts about doctor shopping:

More people in the United States die from prescription drugs than from heroin and cocaine combined.

Drug overdoses kill more people than auto accidents in 29 states.

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Originally posted to hrhprissy on Wed Oct 30, 2013 at 08:28 AM PDT.

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