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In some ways Americans are too polite for their own good.  For instance, I've been waiting for six years now for someone, anyone with political clout to stand up and expose the Tea Party for what it really is. But since I don't see that happening, I'll have to speak the unspeakable, even though my voice may be a bit tinny.  The Tea Party is racist.  There, I've said it.  Of course, these days, the only folks using that distressing term just so happen to be members of the Tea Party, who insist that America's first black president is a racist.  The first time I heard that accusation I was dumbfounded.  But I now see that what they actually mean is that since the man is black, his existence triggers their own obsessions with race.  If he were white, then they wouldn't feel so angry, irritable and well. . . "racist."  So it must be his fault.


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It would be too exhausting to list all the telling evidence of the Tea Party's obsession with getting "that black guy" out of office.  But claiming that the president of the United States spends his days doctoring a birth certificate, or that he's a radical socialist or as I mentioned above, that he's a "racist" or a Muslim terrorist" does not represent rational discourse.  Closing down the government to thwart the President's  health care program, obstructing Congress and driving the nation to the verge of default in order to make the Obama Administration fail are not the actions of patriotic Americans.  They are rather symptoms of a spiritual wound, far too deep to excise with reason or logic.

Not everyone in the Tea Party is a racist.  Some are just dupes. who have become raveled up in the seemingly libertarian tone of the movement.  But what I know and they don't is that the day (or maybe I'll give it a month) after the black man leaves office, when they drop by Tea Party headquarters, the door will be padlocked and an "office space for rent" sign will be hanging in the window. How can I be so sure?  The driving force behind their movement has nothing to do with politics or ideology. It is a movement fueled by the raw sewage of racism.  When the target of their rage leaves the national stage, their destructive energy will fade just as fast. Just wait and see.
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