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Happy week before Thanksgiving, everybody! It's my turn for our weekly Ask Me Anything, so get ready to fire away with whatever questions you've got, and I'll answer them as best I can.

If you're reading this, you probably already know I write for Daily Kos and put together the occasional YouTube video. Given that we're not in the middle of a presidential election, I focus on the political dynamics of policy debates in D.C., but I still try to slip in as much stuff as feasible about presidential campaigns.

From that perspective, I do miss Mitt Romney, but I also have high hopes for the 2016 GOP presidential field—although I am a little dismayed at the fact that Republicans seem to have figured out that their best political strategy is probably to send their candidates into the Witness Protection Program.

When I'm not thinking about politics, I love watching the Seattle Seahawks (this has been a very special season so far!) and enjoy getting in touch with my inner geek by doing some coding. If you've got an iPhone or iPad, I've got two free apps on the App Store: SnapStill, which lets you snap full resolution photos from video, and SureShot Camera, which not only gives you Burst Mode (it's up to 2.5x as fast as the burst mode on the iPhone 5s, which is the only iPhone with built-in Burst Mode), but also has something I call "Preburst Mode" which means when you take a photo, you don't only get the photo you snapped, but a burst of photos snapped moments earlier—so you won't need to worry about missing a shot.

This is my second time doing an AMA, and like last time I'll do my best to answer every question or, if I don't know the answer, forward them onto someone who can answer them. Also, if you don't have a question but you do have a suggestion (especially one for me), I'd love to read it, so please chime on in.

As I type this post, I'm listening to Katy Perry's new album PRISM. I can't believe I just typed that, but clearly the NSA already knew that, so it was only a matter of time before the news leaked out. (I'll probably put on David Guetta's Nothing But The Beat before the day is out.) I'll be around until 2:00 or 2:30 PT, and I'll check back later for anything I didn't get to. I'm looking forward to your questions and comments!


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