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One day early in May 2010, my partner went to the monthly lunch held by some of his co-workers. One of them pulled out some photos and said that she needed to find homes for some kittens. Her daughter's boyfriend had found the litter on his property north of the city. It is not a heavily developed area, and coyotes have been seen in that area, so he brought them into his house, and his girlfriend's mother (the co-worker) was helping him find homes for them. My partner suspected that Big Sister would not take kindly to another cat in our house, but one of the kittens was a gray tabby that looked like the late Sister Kitty. So, we went out to the boyfriend's house, took some pictures, and returned home to discuss a possible adoption. My partner was aware that Big Sister might not be enthusiastic about having another kitty in the house, but he very much wanted the itty-bitty kitty that reminded him so much of the late Sister Kitty. So,. we decided to adopt the tiny gray kitten and to be very careful about introducing her to Big Sister.

Here is the very first picture we took of Little Sister. You can see why one of her nicknames was Itty-Bitty Kitty.
051210 1520x copy

In this photo, she is on the floor next to the litter pan, shaking her head.
051210 1528b sq

Still on the floor.
051210 1529y

In the next photo, my partner has picked her up again.
051210 1543x

One of the first things we did when we brought her home was take her to our vet for an exam. My partner is holding her in the waiting room.
051810 1605b sq

Here she is in the exam room.
051810 1607b 4x6

Here, the vet is holding her. She was basically healthy, but had a bad case of ear mites (hence the head shake in the earlier photo).
051810 1608ab sq

We got some medicine for the ear mites and kept her separated (in the bathroom) from Big Sister for a while.

To be continued.


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Originally posted to Old Sailor on Fri Jan 03, 2014 at 09:24 AM PST.

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