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As most of us in the weight-loss/greater health community are aware, one of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to lose weight. In fact, that was confirmed for me when on New Year's Day, the husband and I went to our local book store and the central kiosk right in front had nothing but new diet books displayed! Are you making a resolution? Do you need to find motivation to keep it going? Come along with us and let us know.

Daily Kos Weight Loss is a community at Daily Kos dedicated to weight loss, maintenance, and support. As with all communities, trolls are calorie-free and will be munched should they engage with us. Please feel free to jump, jog, skip, dive, or walk in.

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There are scientists examining how people successfully lose weight, from the long study called the National Weight Control Registry, to individual doctors. From what I have read, the key is setting your own rules and sticking to them. In order to do that, though, you both have to want to lose the weight and act to do so. I spent years wanting to be thin, but didn't do anything about it. And then I started exercising, but that wasn't enough, either.

I don't even remember the name of the book I used to formulate my own plan, but one thing I remember from the book was that the author encouraged me to use my own knowledge from my previous attempts to diet. Most Americans, at any rate, have tried to lose weight at least once before, so if you have, you should have some idea of what worked for you, what you liked, and what you need to shore up to lose weight this time. So when I built my diet plan, I took them into consideration.

I took into consideration that I'd walked myself into hip bursitis before, so I incorporated standing up rather than walking as a major component of losing weight. I realized I would be eating less (I aimed for 1500-1700 calories a day), so I cut out all drinks containing calories other than my morning coffee, so that I could eat more food for the calorie limit I set. I set up how and when I'd exercise (weight lifting, standing up, at work), and I stuck to it, even when it was hard.

So even with disabilities, food allergies, and an aging body that doesn't quite work the way it did when I was 21 (though it's close), I lost 120 pounds. I'm weighing in at 136 today, down from a high of 260. Others here have stories too, and we get the struggle. How can we help? How can we make this the best and most successful New Year's resolution for you?

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