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The Second Amendment, RKBA, continues to trouble and divide our nation's citizens.
"Guns Everywhere" (think Somalia) ..."Stand Your Ground"  (makes some trigger happy) versus sane background checks, closing of gun show sales loopholes, and/or gun registration.

"A well-regulated militia", that collective noun in the second that has been ignored by many states and the NRA, contains what might be the answer to our gun conundrum.

With FREEDOM comes RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!! Example, did you know that in North Carolina, if your gun is stolen or lost, you do not have to notify any authorities?  Sacre Bleu!!! Unbelievableā€¦ Just go out and buy another gun.  More cash for the arms dealers.

And in Chicago suburbs, you can buy ONLY ONE GUN A MONTH!!! Therefore, you can buy twelve guns a year and sell them.

SInce guns are bought legally or illegally through straw purchases from within and outside state borders, it can be argued that STATE LAWS take a back seat to FEDERAL LAWS as citizens of all states are affected by this legal or barely legal commerce.

A well-regulated militia means what it says.  To be afraid of the gun lobby is downright silly.  We should not be afraid to argue for tough gun regulations, after all, the Constitution, is on our side.  The emphasis should be on the first part of the Second.

Otherwise, our landscape will and is  now beginning to resemble the Middle East and Somalia where ARMS DEALERS hold court selling to both sides of any conflict.  Here, in the United States, ARMS DEALERS  who sell their killing machines on the internet, gun shows, to "friends" without any background checks is the same as arming both sides of conflicts.
Sellers do not care what happens to their weapons after they are sold.

FREEDOM-LOVING RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS should not be afraid of a background check or gun registration.  They should not be afraid of notifying authorities if a gun is stolen or lost.  And do they really want to belong to the "GUN OF THE MONTH" club"?

Clearly, it is past time to enact such regulations and pay attention to the Second in its entirety.  

As to specific regulations concerning any privacy HIPA violations (those under care for mental issues), these should be waived and those would-be buyers deprived of being able to buy a gun.  In fact, there should be a moratorium on gun sales until a solution to selling guns to those who are mentally disturbed is put in place.  

To be in favor of a lengthy process to obtain a weapon whose only purpose is to kill is not only wise but CONSTITUTIONAL.

To be against such a process is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and INSANE.

RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS should not be afraid regulations and neither should progressives.

Thank you for reading this diary.  I know there will be pushback but I do not care.  It is time to push back against ARMS DEALERS hiding behind the Second.


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Originally posted to virginia dare on Sun Jun 08, 2014 at 10:52 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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