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What do all three subjects have in common?  A disgusted  ATF agent who infiltrated the Hell’s Angels and is subsequently hung out to dry by his bureau (does that surprise anybody) was Diane’s guest yesterday.  

I e-mailed Ms. Rehm immediately after the show.  There's the connection. Really!   You don’t think so? I’ll show you....


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O.K. here's the deal. I’m disgusted (too) with the lack of response I get to 100’s of e-mails I send, let’s just say- all over the country concerning my vendetta against what I call the “wicked” Mexican government. Her guest is disgusted in his own right, I’m disgusted in mine.  Diane was a little perplexed by her guest yesterday.  She’s usually sharper than that.  I knew just where the guy was coming from.  A three way connection like I promised?  Close, but no cigar yet.

I lay  out my own misery in many diaries right in this blog. This other gentleman wrote a book. He's very fortunate that way.  When I came back from my first of four appalling trips to Mexico, starting in 07, when I visited my friend in his rural home town and saw the near economic paralysis stemming from all the corruption down there, I embarked on a demonic mission, a man possessed- immediately upon returning home and..... Please remember: first of four trips..... I then bicycled .....up and down 6th Ave. in Manhattan  (parked the car for free in Brooklyn at the secret location), hitting all the news organizations, hoping to tell them the story, as I saw it, of the Mexican people- pitifully- being financially raped by their nearly (delete the word nearly) criminal government.  Seen through the eyes of an American who developed an extremely close friendship with an illegal, returned home with him to an area where you'll never see a foreigner... and that's not a story? I thought it was an unusual angle (there's many an angle to this adventure, trust me).   I was politely told by the news organizations, usually a receptionist,, once by the pretty Leis Weil in the lobby (FOX fame) to e-mail them instead.   The rest is (e-mail) history.  

Oh and wish me luck, after the three business day wait to see if there are any challenges to any of us  Independents, 10 in all,  I’m now securely on the ballot this fall and looking forward to being New Jersey’s next Governor.  Don't laugh, it's theoretically possible.

Re. today was not one of your better days‏
From:     DRShow (drshow@wamu.org)

Sent:    Mon 6/08/09 12:17 PM
To:     gary stein (thebigmoosenj@hotmail.com)

Thank you for writing to the Diane Rehm Show. We appreciate your thoughts and comments.

today was not one of your better days‏
From:     gary stein (thebigmoosenj@hotmail.com)

Sent:    Mon 6/08/09 12:09 PM
To:     drshow@wamu.org

You’re one of the best in the business but you sounded a little naïve in the 2nd hour of your show.  Who could blame you though?  Like the ATF agent, you’d have to be in the Club- I’ll christen right now as the “Do I Have to Blow My Brains Out To Get Any Attention Club” for you to understand.  
If nobody challenges my signature petitions then I will be officially a candidate, as of 4 PM, for Governor of New Jersey.  The ATF agent would understand completely (my frustration; if he's still sitting there.)   Diane, the diary below was posted in the Daily Kos.  I’m  “mightyquinntheeskimo”   and I’ve also been a caller to your show several times.

Do I Have to Blow My Brains Out?
by mightyquinntheeskimo

Mon Jun 01, 2009 at 05:40:05 PM PDT
(No I’ll vent by posting another diary in the Daily Kos about friggin Mexico- reverting back to my wacky writing style..... and with so many You-Tube links nobody will read it. A nascent grass roots campaign for Governor  of NJ focusing on single payer health care  will be derailed- voters will be left to wonder what might have been. Music and Mexico, the two M's F'd my great strategy to win Jersey voter's hearts and minds. Do you like great music? Check the links, I’m your candidate.
We interrupt this program to bring you this news alert........
Increasingly waggish Candidate for Governor of New Jersey, The Mighty Quinn, e-mails House Speaker Pelosi, the White House, the Washington Post- and others, and threatens to blow his brains out. Their response: Thank you for contacting my office, thank you for contacting the White House, and thank you for contacting the Washington Post.   then the diary continues under the fold as they say.....

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Originally posted to mightyquinntheeskimo on Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 07:06 AM PDT.

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