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Dear Friends in Tampa, Florida and vicinity,  
(From John Russell on FaceBook)

You are hereby invited to participate in...

"A Health Care Event to Inspire..."Action Over Hope!"

Organized by the thoughtful and well meaning students of The University of South Florida in Tampa, the USF students and a host of other groups have decided that they have "HAD IT" with all of the endemic corruption, lies and obfuscation coming out of Washington on the issue of Health Care Policy.  

Have you become disheartened as the so-called "debate" on Health Reform has unfolded in Washington and elsewhere?   Well here is YOUR opportunity to have YOUR thoughts heard!  Show these jackasses that "THIS Dog Don't Hunt" and WE ARE Through with their shenanigans!"


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The so called debate on Health Reform that has morphed into a boondoggle for us, and massive financial windfall for the INSURANCE Industry merits our attention.   Join USF students, activists and other people who clearly understand just "what" is transpiring in Washington, in an event that will demonstrate to "the establishment" that we are NOT the suckers that they take us for!

Given OUR extreme lack of "representation" in D.C., (while the INSURANCE Industry "OWNS" the whole town),  there is little else that we can do.   Calling the offices of our Congressional Representatives and Senators.. is of no use... (given their collective malleability in response to INSURANCE INDUSTRY LOBBYIST CAMPAIGN CA$H!!)
So... Show up... Give a speech, get your views heard on YOUTube!  Maybe you will be lucky enough to vent your spleen on the evening news???  

No matter, it is much more productive than the alternative which is sitting silently by while Corporate America and its unlimited Financial resources $buy$ up EVERY VOTE IN Washington, and in what has become the STANDARD PROCESS... AND... STEAMROLLS EVERY LAST ONE OF US AND YOUR OFFSPRING INTO SUBMISSION!

If there ever was Democracy in Washington, it has certainly LEFT TOWN  on the issue of Health Care Policy.. henceforth known as "Health INSURANCE Reform/Regulation?

Show our duly elected "puppets" of BOTH major political parties what you're made of.   Let THEM know... that WE  HAVE  HAD IT with the QUID PRO QUO SOP in DC!

THIS event will be videotaped and made available to venues that will spread our very civil, but straight forward message far and wide.    Due to the nature and veracity of the scheduled participants, it is not likely that mainstream press will be in attendance.
    John Russell


Because our elected representatives Do NOT "represent" ...us...


$$$The Health INSURANCE LOBBY$$$


If you support health care for everyone, and are like me of the opinion that access to comprehensive Health Care is a Fundamental Right, then PLEASE come show it!

Signs will be provided if anyone needs them, as well as directions.   We will be making our voices heard and doing our level best to inform the public during rush hour, THIS FRIDAY October 9th, from 4pm-8pm, on Dale Mabry to reach the most people possible.

Friday, October 9th @ Columbus and Dale Mabry in Tampa  

Call Joe at 813-789-2897 For further information!

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to Sabre11 on Tue Oct 06, 2009 at 09:44 PM PDT.


Do You Believe That The Insurance Lobby Virtually OWNS The Congress and The Senate

88%32 votes
5%2 votes
5%2 votes

| 36 votes | Vote | Results

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