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It really is time for liberals to leave the book discussion group and toss the keypboard under the pillow.  We're not winning that way.  The people we need to support us at the polls don't know who we are.  We don't know who they are either.

On Saturday, George and Carol Temple are going to do different.  The CARTA #10 is the sort of bus line people who believe in transit love because it moves a lot of people who need to go somewhere.  It goes through tough neighborhoods and carries people who dream of earning $10 an hour to the limited opportunity non union Jobs my Governor cherishes.

Now it also goes to the beach.  A long, hard ride with something special at the end for the hard working people who will never see Cancun, Mexico, much less the Italian Riviera.  It's been two years since people riding the bus here had a reliable way to get to the ocean.

This is the sort of thing Democrats with guts do.  Those of you fretting at home with the New York Times and Coffee might take notice.  We have some Republicans helping us too.

Charleston, SC- Local Activists George and Carol Temple will lead a delegation traveling from the N. Charleston Superwalmart River’s Ave. Bus stop for the CARTA #10 Bus to the Front Beach Isle of Palms for the Town’s Welcome to the Beach Ceremony as part of East Cooper CARTA Rider’s Bus to the Beach day on Saturday, May 7.  Their journey will be video recorded and tweeted live.

You’re welcome to join them.  Here is the Face book Sign up


General information on Bus to the Beach Day can be found at


The twitter feed of the journey will appear at


George and Carol are active on may local issues.  George is the Current Chairman of the Charleston County Democratic Party.  On the trip, they’ll register voters and engage other passengers about how our transit system can be improved.  This is a non partisan event and everyone interested in a better transit system is invited to join them.  Several Republicans are already involved in other aspects of the day’s events.

For a bigger look at our community's transit development effort, see youtube.

See you at the Beach Saturday.  Now everyone gets to go.


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