telligent design is not the problem, its a symptom. The same for Creationism. The real problem is that our public schools and our local school boards have been invaded by Dominionists & even Reconstructionists.
Dominionists wish to hold dominion over America, worse are Reconstructionists who long for biblical law, including punishments like being stoned to death.

A teacher in Kearny NJ is at the center of a controversy about teaching creationism, this teacher, David Paszkiewicz said:

The Big Bang Theory is, there was nothing out there, there was no matter. But yet, nothing exploded and created something. Let me give you a clue, guys. If there's nothing there, it can't explode.

But there is a need to look beyond what the teacher was teaching.

James Dobson:

"Chidren are the prize to the winners in the great second civil war. Those that control what young people are taught and what they experience-what they see, hear, think and believe - will determine the future course of the nation."

Children At Risk: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Our Kids, Word Publishing, 1990, p. 35.

I have to ask, if there was a guy walking around your town saying

Children are the prize to the winners

Wouldn't you be nervous? And if you aren't nervous you ought to be, in fact you ought to be scared. You should be scared for your kids, the kids next door, every damn kid on the planet.

The generation that is coming out of public school, is a generation that is not truely equipped to face a complex world, a post darkages, post enlightenment world. Here in NJ we are watching firestorm brewing around a teacher, David Paszkiewicz, who has been proselytizing in public school.

Watch this one minute video, it is chilling.

This video is of a Kearny student addressing the Kearny School Board, the student seems proud of the fact that she & her friends do not believe in the Big Bang Theory or Evolution, proud of believing in Noahs Ark. Of all those speaking in support of the teacher David Paszkiewicz, this student was the most articulate.

When school started in September one of Matts LaClairs teachers, David Paszkiewicz, started the year off by diving into Creationism/Dominionism. On the 3rd day Matt recorded the teacher's "sermon". Later in October, a meeting was held with the Principal, the teacher David Paszkiewicz, Matt & his father Paul LaClair. During the meeting Matt cited dozens of quotes of the teacher, Paszkiewicz denied everything. Matt then produced Audio CD's he had burned of the "Sermonizing". Later on Paszkiewicz publicly portrays the meeting with the Principal falsely. If you get into trouble because you were recorded one time, what are the odds you would be recorded a second time? Right, Matt had recorded the meeting with the Principal. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paszkiewicz lied. Twice.

Fox 5 in NYC covering the issue, talks to Matt LaClair.

The solution is easy, we run progressives for School Board. When we run progressives we win. It took the Religous Right nearly 20 years to get this far, and they can be swatted back by a few progressives running for School Board during the next 2 years. Call it Deans Revenge.

Originally published in March of 2007, republished for the benefit of Wolf (I had no idea) Blitzer and Jack (R U playing?) Cafferty.

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