Starting on the 2nd of October, 100 people gathered in Backesto Park in downtown San Jose, California to meet in General Assembly. Their goal was to march on the heart of the city, make their voices heard, and occupy the City Hall Plaza.

I'm happy to report those goals have been met and are currently being met.

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Day 1- The General Assembly [VIDEO]

Currently there are five tents in the City Hall plaza at 4th and Santa Clara St. The San Jose PD has been respectful of the settlement and allows it, as it is on the sidewalk and not on the city-owned plaza. In fact, when we stand on the street corners to wave signs and pass out literature, we regularly get honks and waves from police cars!

Current needs are waterproofing, especially tarps and clear plastic bags to keep signs dry. Also anyone who is bilingual or multilingual and can translate fliers or write signs in Vietnemese, Chinese, Tagalog, or Spanish- please contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or come down to the plaza and write us a sign. Food and water are always needed and appreciated- also vegan food is good as we do have an occupier who is vegan.

Meetings of the General Assembly are at the plaza every day EXCEPT Sundays at 7pm and last until the agenda is done. On Sundays they are at Noon. Sunday meetings deal with messaging, policy, and big sky stuff. Daily meetings are for logistics and day-to-day stuff- who's doing what and how committees are functioning.

Contact us on Facebook to join the group, or hit us up on Twitter! We need talented people in graphics, legal, medical, communications and media, and any extra hands.

That is all!

Check out page B-2 of the Oct. 4th San Jose Mercury!

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