A week I ago I published an essay connecting past political poster art and the proliferation of such posters by today's Occupy movement.  A couple of days later, I posted Part II with a boatload of more images. In Part III, I've added another 60-odd posters, with about half originating in cities where Occupy has an active presence.

As in the previous parts, I couldn't find the names of many artists/designers of the posters I've included here. But I am eager to give credit to the women and men who donated their time to creating these posters and helping the movement make its voice heard. So if you (for sure) know who the artist of a particular poster is, please message me and I will add the her or his name. Much of the Occupy poster art is original, and attached to names like Shepard Fairey, Eric Drooker, Favianna Rodriguez, Lincoln Cushing and other noted graphic artists. But you'll also see the likes of priceman, a longtime Kossack who has created some notable Occupy posters himself.

A web search or attendance at a march or other protest will turn up posters from New York City and Austin and Indianapolis that are derivative of artwork and design from Oakland and Chicago and Kansas City. Images have often been transformed in ways to make them resonate with local populations, address local issues and add other local flavor. In this batch, I've sought to avoid repeat images and publish as many originals as I can without overburdening readers' bandwidth.

If you are interested in further information and seeing other posters, I recommend Occuprint, Social Design Notes, Design History and Art for a Change. If you're in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend a trip to the extraordinary Center for the Study  of Political Graphics. They have an open house scheduled for Dec. 3.

Other places to check in are Occupy Design: Building a Visual Language for the 99%, the Propaganda Remix Project, Political Loudmouth, the fabulous Just Seeds Artists Cooperative, Robbie Conal and Conal's extremely useful Guerrilla Etiquette + Postering Techniques.

Artist unknown
Artist unknown
By Lalo
By Daily Kossack priceman
Occupy Gainesville artist unknown
By Nico
Artist unknown
By Molly Crabapple
By Larry West
By Frank Kozik
By S. Spensa
By Manya Kuzemchenko
By Chuck Sperry OUR CITY
By Erica Lade
By Sarah Wade
By Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung
By Fro Design
By dignidadrebelde.com (See a critique of
Indian-related images and the Occupy
movement by Adrienne K. here.)
By Jared Davidson
By Abe Bingham (Occupy San Francisco)
By Dave Loewenstein
Occupy Wilmington artist unknown
By Political Loudmouth
Occupy Hilo artist unknown
Your Master Says Hello by Dampie
Occupy Salt Lake City artist unknown
By Eric Drooker
Artist unknown (Learn more about
the Lenape from Ojibwa here.)
Revolution will not be privatized artist unknown
Occupy Providence artist unknown  
Occupy Missoula artist unknown
Occupy Albuquerque artist
Occupy Boise artist unknown
By Scott Grant
Occupy Montreal artist
Occupy London artist unknown
Occupy Memphis artist unknown
Pass it on artist unknown
Occupy Berlin artist
Lost a job artist unknown
Occupy artist Las Vegas
Occupy Arkansas artist unknown
Shakur poster artist unknown
Artist unknown
Money talks artist unknown
Occupied Los Angeles artist unknown
Rage artist unknown
Occupy Eugene artist unknown
Occupy Uuuu artist unknown
Occupy Boston artist unknown
Camping pact artist unknown
By Tonio Alucema
Television news artist unknown
Occupy Wall Street artist unknown
Missoula art jam artist unknown
Silent money artist unknown
Occupy Denver artist unknown
Occupy Raleigh artist unknown
Occupy Mexico City artist unknown
Heal America artist unknown
Occupy Atlanta artist unknown
Occupy Newark artist unknown
Occupy Indianapolis artist unknown
Patronize small merchants artist unknown
Occupy Los Angeles artist unknown
Occupy Austin artist unknown

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