Some headlines just write themselves.

Many people wanted to know what happened as a result of the felony destruction of a recall petition last week.

As I was a witness to the alleged crime, I can't say much. But our local paper is entertaining, and has an update...

Recall petition shredding suspect is not the father of our country

A 53-year-old rural River Falls man is a suspect in a petition-shredding incident last Wednesday, Nov. 23, ...

the man allegedly jabbed at the petition form with a pen and then ripped the paper. He was confronted by recall petition volunteers. As he walked away, the man gave his name as “George Washington.”

One witness snapped photos of the George Washington suspect’s car and license plate as he drove off.

Police arrived right after he left. Using the visual evidence from the cell phone they have identified the man. He is to be questioned Tuesday, Nov. 29, by a police investigator and could be charged with a felony by the Pierce County district attorney.

Under election fraud, state law prohibits anyone from destroying “a petition for an election, including a recall petition or petition for a referendum.”

Thank you to everyone for your support! 300,000 signatures to recall Walker and climbing - and even the recall Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald committee is ahead of its daily goals! Show them some love on ActBlue!

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