I knew it was coming but Walsh didn't, Bashir asked him "Congressman Walsh, you said you don't want to put a financial burden on your children so tell me, why haven't you paid $117,000 in child support."  The sweat beading up on Walsh's upper lip said it all, he stated that Bashir was making a low ball statement and that he didn't owe the money and was still in court on the matter.  Bashir then stated that Walsh when in the Ill State Congress voted "yes" on a bill that if you owed $10,000 in child support you could not run for office.  Again, Walsh said that he was innocent and would prove so in court.

Bashir is one of the best MSNBC interviewers and has no fear asking questions like this.  We should all email him our thanks for getting in the face of teabagger Joe Walsh.

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