RINO Romney wins the day, and the Keyboard Kommandos over at FReep haz a sad. Here are some schadenfreudey messages of misery for your enjoyment, but don't look for any links. Free Republic dot com really isn't a place I'd recommend going - but I've donned my Tyvek suit and shall delve for your lulz.

This is... depressing. I am ashamed to call myself a Floridian. The drums of tyranny are growing louder.
...and they're African drums, I bet!
Screw Romney. He ain’t gettin’ my vote.
so, Obama, then? Nobody? works for me.
Go full attack mode against the media.... at every turn, tell the world the media is cramming Willard down the Republican’s throats because they really want DearLeader re-elected.
yeah, you got that right. snicker.
If Romney wins the nomination we can be sure that millions of FL who would have voted Republican will just sit it out in the General Election and FL communists Democrats will vote King Obama to win the State. Really screwed.
from your crumb-jammed keyboard to the FSM's noodly ears, pal.

Those miserable scumbags. How I hate them all. The whole lib media circus.

YES! the ones who have three or four Republicans on for every Democrat...stinking liberal media. Your tears are spicy and delicious, though.

That sends chills up my spine, gator. I’m bordering on tears at this moment.
yours are, also!
It’s not too late for a Sarah Palin to get into this thing. Still 95% of delegates left to be decided and we have five weeks before the next major string of primaries.
This, I like! and the Donald can be her gentleman-in-waiting.

my family will never vote for ROmney and I guarantee that the establishment now say we must unite, we must defeat obama, look we’ll put VP on the ticket for you , don;t vote for Romney is a vote for obama

Well they can all piss off, I;ve had it with all of those who attacked Newt, including FOX and I will never vote for him and be taken advantaged of like 2008

this is the brilliant strategical thinking we're up against.
In Mitt’s favor, he wasn’t raised by an American hating red diaper doper baby on the knee of a Communist and brought into the political area by a former domestic terrorist and treasonous Communist who openly engaged in coordinated enemy attacks in a time of war.
I got nuthin', here. seems true enough, right?
I can’t get thru to the contact for FOX. Have been trying for several days as I am anxious to give them a piece of my mind. Anybody have an email address?
and how does this internet thing work, anyways?
So Floridians...tell me. What flavor was the Kool-Aid?
insiders say: grape.

Now, here comes my favorite of all Republican memes:

Perhaps Newt just wasn't conservative enough. That's why McCain lost to Obama.
Exactly. If only they could nominate a True Conservative, Unicorn Turds will rain from the sky on a fresh, new, all-white America, unfettered by government of any kind - naught but Freedom.
Just like November 2008 on FR.
just wait 'til November 2012, my friend.
The TEA Party wing of the GOP needs to make itself the brain and lungs of the GOP.
what's more likely are the anus and gallbladder, I think.
If Romney wins the GOP nomination, I might was well vote for the Zero man as a protest vote...
OH NOEZ!!! DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!1!
Courtesy of Clive, here are some moar!!!
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