Mitt Romney's new Michigan primary ad has a simple message: that he's a native son. It opens with Romney behind the wheel of a Chrysler, waxing poetic about his love for the state. "I grew up in Michigan," he says. "It was exciting to be here."

"I remember going to the Detroit auto show with my dad," he recalls, the ad simultaneously cutting to a photograph of Mitt Romney and his father, standing on a roof, looking down on the unwashed masses milling about at what voters are supposed to believe is the Detroit auto show.

Still image from new Mitt Romney ad as he says "I remember going to the Detroit
auto show with my dad." The image is of the 1964 World's Fair in New York.
The only problem? That's not the Detroit auto show. It's the 1964 World's Fair grounds. In New York. Here is what it looked like from ground level, below the Romneys' lofty perch:
Chrysler pavilion 1964 World's Fair in New York
Oh, and one other thing. The Chrysler that Romney is driving around town in his ad? It was made in Canada.

7:31 AM PT: In the comments, TheCrank posts a map of the 1964 World's Fair ... which convincingly suggests that the Romneys were on a helipad when the photo was taken. So not only is the photo of them looking down on the masses ... it appears to be of them doing it from a helipad!

7:37 AM PT: Chrysler confirms the car Romney is driving in the ad was made in Canada.

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