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Elie Wiesel's family was slaughtered.  A number was tattooed into his arm.  He survived Auschwitz.  He survived Buchenwald.  He did not merely witness the greatest crime committed against our people, he lived through it.  Now he has lived to see people deny that it ever occurred.  Elie Wiesel has lived his life as a proud Jew.  Now, when he seeks to stop the attempts of others to deprive his family members, and other Holocaust victims, of their Jewish identity he is called a bigot with a partisan agenda.

Who dares to utter such words?  Assholes like Haley Barbour.

I have a message for that asshole and everyone else like him.  You cannot begin to comprehend the suffering that Elie Wiesel lived through.  You have not suffered one millionth of one percent of what he suffered.  You did not live through a systematic attempt to kill you, your family members and your people simply because of your heritage.  You were not put in concentration camps.  You did not have numbers tattooed into your arms.  You were not gassed.  Your remains did not pass through the smokestacks of crematoria.  You do not have people continually breaking their promise not to strip your deceased family members and your people of their identity.

I am sick and tired of the lack of respect shown to the victims of the Holocaust, whether those that died during its perpetration or those that have died since or the ever-dwindling number of survivors.  They lived through hell.  They do not deserve the treatment they are getting.  Fighting to preserve the Jewish identity of his family members and others who perished in the Holocaust does not make Elie Wiesel a bigot.  It makes Elie Wiesel a proud Jew.  It makes him a hero of our people.

Haley Barbour's words are just the latest in this long line of bad behavior.  Before that there was John Raese in West Virginia.  He compared having to put a 'no smoking' sign up in his building to the yellow star my fellow Jews were forced to wear under Nazi rule.  Before him there was Rick Santorm, who compared President Obama to Hitler.  Before that there was Michele Bachmann.  She compared the Affordable Care Act to the Holocaust when she spoke in front of a picture of the bodies of Holocaust victims.

Enough!  Stop this fucking shit!

As far as I'm concerned Haley Barbour and others that engage in this type of despicable behavior have two options:

  1. Shut the fuck up, apologize and express true remorse for their behavior
  2. Go self-fornicate with a metallic implement covered by oxidized iron

Shabbat Shalom.  Have a good weekend.

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