This is not an easy diary to write, but I must do it.  In fact, it's really all I can do.

Many of us have known Charlotte Lucas as a wonderful storyteller who makes history come alive.  She was “there” for more than a third of our nation's history and shared her memories and experiences with us young things.  Now she needs our prayers and positive thoughts for her final journey.

Charlotte is a very private person.  She doesn't think her writing is that special, even though we've all told her how much it means to us.  She has been embarrassed by the birthday diaries that her daughter, niece, and I have published.  I've corresponded with her for several years (we've never met in person) but she's always minimized her health concerns, giving me just enough information to “keep up”, only hinting at what was going on.

She has dealt with her hearing loss by using the computer to communicate.  Despite her glaucoma, she's continued to write diaries and correspond with her far flung family and friends.  Lately, her eyes haven't been working so well, either.  The last email I got from her was on Wednesday.  She's been fighting an aggressive cancer since before I met her.  Her daughter wrote to say that she's not doing well.  She won't take the pain meds as directed because she thinks they make her dopey and not be able to see.  The hospice nurse will be in today to consult about better pain management.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of reading the works of this remarkable woman, please take the time to go to her profile and read about her adventures in the South Pacific prior to WWII or her experience of being in Europe when the Nazis invaded Poland.  Her chronicle of “Presidents I Have Known” begins with Warren Harding!  There are many others.  You will be transported to disparate times and places without ever having to leave your chair.  (As I looked at her profile to get the URL, I noticed that she has written 71 diaries and has 220 followers.  Hopefully, that will convince others to take a look.)    

This is not a well-written diary.  I'm a little too upset for that.  I'm selfish and don't want to lose a good friend, but it's time to call for prayers for a peaceful, blessed relief.  She's told me often that she isn't afraid to die, even looks forward to it in many ways.  I really hate this.  

Peace, my dear friend, and quick respite from your ills.


12:12 PM PT: Okay kids.  I'll be leaving for church in a bit.  Should be back around 5 CDT.  Thanks to all who have read, commented, and are holding Charlotte in your thoughts and prayers.  

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