I don't see this getting much attention but it should.  

From the Wall Journal's Market Watch column today comes this.  

Of all the falsehoods told about President Barack Obama, the biggest whopper is the one about his reckless spending spree.   (snip)   Almost everyone believes that Obama has presided over a massive increase in federal spending, an “inferno” of spending that threatens our jobs, our businesses and our children’s future. Even Democrats seem to think it’s true.   But it didn’t happen. Although there was a big stimulus bill under Obama, federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.

Even hapless Herbert Hoover managed to increase spending more than Obama has.

This is a big deal.   It refutes the Republican line to its core.  You can see the whole article here.

One other snippet:

Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%.

There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president, despite what you hear.

That added to the Bloomberg piece the other day showing a huge difference in economic performance between Republican and Democratic Presidents over the last 50 years (see that one here undercuts the entire Republican argument.

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Add this to the Rmoney's Bain problem and things could get very interesting.

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