Hatred. Why does it exist and how can it be stopped? There are all kinds of reasons for hatred. I can list all the examples of hatred and the types of people who hate on others but one word labels it all: bigotry!

Bigots are prejudiced people who are intolerant of any opinion but their own. Their intolerance can also be expanded to others religion, race, political views, class, sexuality, gender and profession.

In our day and age you wouldn't think there would be so many hateful people. We are supposed to be an educated, enlightened and aware society. Everyone has freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Since we have these rights why do we hate?

Bigots views on same sex marriage:

Who is same sex marriage going to hurt? A gay couple is not going to interfere with a heterosexual relationship anymore than a heterosexual relationship interferes with a gay couple in a respectful community.

Bigotry's horrendous crimes:
Gay bashing
Racial hate
Transgender beating
Anti-Jewish beatings
Anti-Islamic beatings
Anti-Hispanic beatings
And more.

Hate is a nasty word. But hate is every where we turn. I want to know how to end it? What are prejudiced people afraid of?  I have an idea I wish we could implement, have each bigot stand in the shoes of an African American, an LGBT person, a Jewish person or Hispanic person and treat them how they treat everyone else. We can also stand together and single out the bigots. Maybe if bigots felt the heat like the minority do we could educate them.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a conservative Republican and a bigot as is his new running mate, Paul Ryan! These men give me the chills.  How can we turn this country around when a presidential candidate is a bigot? If Mitt Romney were elected anyone who doesn't have the same views as him be prepared to fight. We can't let someone with such power look down upon those who are different or educated. Mitt Romney is attacking both women and the LGBT community right now.

You don't even have to be a minority to be targeted, you just have to be a woman. Bigots are more comfortable in a traditional marriage with a traditional wife. Such wives usually are not allowed to have their own opinions or rights. Heaven forbid that they may have a say over their own medical issues. Its repulsive that someone would actually want to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Why would someone formulate a plan to rid us of Medicare? This too is subtle hate and bigotry. Mitt thinks that turning Medicare into a voucher system will help reduce the deficit (taxes of the rich.) Well what happens if that voucher isn't enough to afford the health care that is available on the market? Any takers? Yes the seniors would be out of luck. Does Mitt Romney hate seniors or just hates spending money to care for our seniors? The campaign of Romney and Ryan is really only about profit.

I don't think people truly understand what hatred is unless they've experienced it. People know that hatred is out there and see it but they don't experience the hate unless they are the focus of such an attack. Even a hate stare can change a persons' life. Bigotry causes hate crimes and its sad because most of them get away with it.  

Education will help end the mass of hate. People need to lead by example and take a stand against hate. The more people stand together and try to make a difference the greater egalitarian society we will enjoy. Lets stand together against the bigotry and start educating people. Trying to fix the symptoms of hate does not fix the problem. The problem and solution are education!

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