At this point, I'm looking at Mitt Romney flailing out there, clearly about to go under, in WAY over his head, and I'm thinking: I don't want to throw this guy an anchor.

NO! Somebody's gotta try and rescue this guy!

All Republicans - in the water!!

I remember my Water Safety Instructor class, back when I was 18, training to become a lifeguard.

One thing they emphasized to us over and over was - never swim right up to a drowning person. Why? Because then there will be two people to rescue.

A drowning person will panic and grab you around the neck and not let go until death loosens his grip, a few fathoms down.

I don't know about you, but it looks to me like Mitt Romney is flailing around quite a bit, a swimmer in serious distress.

I would like to force every Republican politician running for office in November to swim out to try and save poor Mitt, or explain why they aren't willing to do so.

Mitt Romney is 2012's version of George W. Bush in 2006: The Albatross of the Republican Party, the person no one wants to be associated with.

Remember what we were able to do in 2006 by tying George W. Bush to EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE?

The delicious irony is, Mitt has brought this upon himself because he has been caught Speaking The Republican Truth: that Republicans don't WANT to represent all Americans.

I can't wait to see Republicans trying to swim out to save Mitt - or scrambling to explain why they won't.

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