My God. Calm the fuck down.

Yes, Obama let him get up off the mat, I'm unsure why. Some are speculating that he wants to attract a bunch of money to Romney's Campaign so that the downballot doesn't take it in the chin. Wishful thinking. The GOP will go all out for all the marbles. That's how they are.

I think it probably has to do with it being his anniversary and wanting to spend time with his wife. And probably something going with Libya that none of us know about at the moment. Whatever it is, tough. He lost a round. Its his fault. Lets move on.

But when you go back and look through this debate, you'll realize that Romney said a lot of things that are opportunities to exploit after the effects of Obama's weak performance wear off. Especially on Romney's refusal to raise taxes on ANYBODY. That's good he stuck by that.

So everybody chill out. I'm calm.

Do I sound worried?


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