I was amazed when I read in the Grand Rapids Press (Michigan) when Richard Lacks, CEO and president of Lacks Enterprises, sent a strongly worded memo to his 2,300 employees that they should vote for Romney. Lacks didn't specifically say his employees HAD to vote for the Republican candidate, but the meaning of his memo was very clear. Please read below the fold for more info.

Here is a link to the article that appeared in the Grand Rapids Press on Thurs., Oct 4, 2012: http://www.mlive.com/...

I thought I had heard it all until I read about how this CEO was intimidating his employees with a memo sent with their bonuses, stating they would have to pay more and receive less if they did not vote as he was suggesting. Jim Harger reported: "Lacks wrote: 'It is important that in November you vote to improve your standard of living and that will be through smaller government and less government.' "

Lack also gives no credit to Obama for the increase in his auto related business that resulted in bonuses for his employees! Amazing. I thought I wouldn't be surprised by anything any more, but this is so far fetched that is sounds like one the rumors made up by the ilk of Limbaugh and Beck.

All I can say is "Wow!" And Repubs think that Obama is not helping the economy? Read it for yourself at the link above or read quotes from the article below. You, too, will be amazed!


As reported by Jim Harger, "Richard Lacks warned 'his company's 2,300 employees their paychecks will be smaller if President Barack Obama is re-elected'. He urged his employees to 'vote to improve your standard of living' in a "letter notifying them of their sixth bonus in almost three years thanks to the good times his automotive parts company has enjoyed".

Nor did Lacks give Obama any credit for the auto industry’s recovery. "He told his employees 'the Affordable Care Act, which he called Obama Care, will raise his company’s health insurance costs by 2 percent a year.' " wrote Harger.

Lacks was quoted by Harger: " 'As employees, you will receive no additional direct benefit other than you will have to pay for it,' said Lacks in a letter he sent to hourly employees last Friday."

Also: " 'The talk of additional tax increases by the administration, if re-elected, will have an additional negative impact on the organization," he wrote. 'It is always important to remember the more government takes the less there will be available to spread around to the working people of this company.' "

Finally Harger wrote: " 'It is important that in November you vote to improve your standard of living and that will be through smaller government and less government,' Lacks said in a letter that was leaked to MLive.com."

The article also quotes Jim Green, executive director of Human Resources for Lacks Enterprises, who said "the letter was sent out as 'internal business communication' announcing a lump sum bonus to all employees. He declined to disclose the size of the bonus. Green said 'the privately-held company did not benefit from the administration’s actions to bail out the auto industry.' "

Harger continued to quote Green: " 'We survived because of our business model and the money we have in the bank to survive these downturns,' Green said. 'It would not have provided Lacks with any direct dollars.' "

Harger noted that "Lacks Enterprises is a global manufacturer with three business units including Lacks Wheel Trim Systems Inc., Lacks Trim Systems Inc., and Plastic-Plate Inc."

Also stated in the article: "In March, the company announced plans to build a new $31.9 million manufacturing plant and warehouse on 60 acres it owns near 60th Street and Kraft Avenue SE in Cascade. A key ingredient in Lacks’ decision was a $350,000 incentive by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. to assist Lacks in the development."

Again, it is amazing to me how Repubs deny facts. They are presently denying the BLS figures on employment. This employer is denying that Obama's assist to the auto industry had anything to do with the success of his auto-related business. Amazing.

Please read the full article at the link for all details. I apologize for originally copying Jim Harger's article without permission, not realizing it was a copyright infringement. I only intended to make it easier for all to read.

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