Well, not exactly six figures but pretty damn close.

And yes, it's a minimum wage, temporary (seasonal) job working at a department store for the holidays. But guess what? After 2-1/2 years of being unemployed, I'm damned happy to get it and I look forward to my first day on Monday. It won't cover my bills (at all) so I will still have to fall back on my family to supplement my income BUT I'm damn lucky to have them as well. I have been interviewing like crazy these past few weeks and this is the first job that hit. So I will gladly take it. In the meantime, I have another interview tomorrow in my field (Human Resources) that pays a bit more (not much though) and is for a non-profit (which I would really love to get into).

But I wanted to let those of you who know me or rather have given me tons of mojo when I needed it, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Daily Kos has been a source of inspiration and a place for me to go when I was feeling low. I had an outlet to express my frustration and a place to get my mind off my personal troubles. This place has kept me alive. And I really appreciate that. So Thank you for being such a wonderful community. I'm so happy to be getting back into job market.

And when you are out there shopping this season, be sure to remember, that cashier or that salesperson may have a sick child at home, or may have lost someone they care about or may have a graduate degree in something or other. Be kind to people and you will be treated kindly as well. We are all doing the best we can.

* note: not going to take this out because I don't want to change what I originally wrote. However, I am not degrading anyone's education. What I am trying to say is that you don't know this person and why they came to have that job. We are all equally sharing this planet together. And circumstances ring us together for various reasons. So if you are feeling agitated and want to take it out on someone you think doesn't matter, remember they have a life too and they matter too.

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