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Take a snapshot of the debate's split screen, because that's what evisceration looks like.  That's what Joe Biden did to Paul Ryan tonight.  Paul Ryan told untruths pretty much every time he opened his mouth.  Vice President Biden slammed him each and every time.  I don't need to see polls to know that the Vice President won this debate.

This makes me look forward to the next debate very much.  I'm pretty sure it's a template for what President Obama will unleash on Governor Romney.  As a friend of mine said elsewhere, we'll remember this as the night that idea we entertained for the past week — that Mitt Romney was viable — came to an end.  Yes, there's still another few weeks until the election, but we saw all we needed to tonight.

There are still plenty of other races down-ticket that will make the difference in how much more President Obama can do the next four years.  So, please, get out there and help.  Do what you can.  President Obama and your fellow Democrats need your help.

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