This diary goes out to those of you in red states, or states that tend to lean red sometimes.

I live in Indiana, an at times unabashedly red state. We have however had our moments of sanity, like in 2008. We tend to get pegged into the far right category but the truth of the matter is we're really pretty lean right centrist. Hell, we even elected a progressive in our stoic past.

So here is the thing, you blue living in a sea of red. I know it may feel like that voting is pointless, I mean why vote when all the pundit polls say your state is likely to go one way or the other right?

But that is not the case. Every vote counts, because every vote in those red or leaning red states means votes that can help elect more democrats. And once we get more democrats then we can shift to making them better.

Take my own state of Indiana.

Joe Donnelly isn't going to win the progressive trophy anytime soon, but he did help ensure that the ACA was made law. He was a vote towards progress and when push comes to shove he'll be there for Hoosiers and all Americans.

And thats where it is, thats what we need to push to those living in our more crimson locations. Get out and vote, because your vote DOES matter. Will Obama take Indiana, I don't know really. The polls have him by a large margin behind here, but does that mean I am not working as hard as I possibly can to get people to the polls and remind democrats around me that their vote DOES matter? Hell to the no.

I know a lot of attention is being put on battle ground states, but lets not forget there are places in this nation where the punditry write off, yet often have glimmers of hope and a chance at giving Obama the tools he needs to fix the mess he inherited. So if you live in a red state, and you might feel down right now....don't be. Get fired up and go out and vote and drag every person you know there as well, kicking and screaming if you must.

We might not be able to get you the top ticket in your state, but who knows? Maybe your vote might elect someone to a council, who then might rise to state representative, and then on to the Senate, and who knows...President.


Because every vote matters, no matter where you are.

Originally posted to Hoosier Progressive on Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 06:16 AM PDT.

Also republished by J Town.

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