Wary of giving to the Red Cross?  Want to do something truly helpful to those in such desperate need in the wake of Sandy?

Follow me below the fold for the answer you've been looking for

Meet New York Communities for Change a community organizing group headquartered in downtown Brooklyn.  Like everyone else in our world, until last Monday they were doing all kinds of work to make life better and they work doing all kinds of work to get people in the neighborhoods their members live in to vote.

Monday didn't stop the work they were doing...it added to it...as New York caught its breath NYCC dove into providing relief to the thousands of NYers whose lives had changed overnight.  They've been collecting supplies and food and delivering them to people in the Rockaways where other organizations have been slow to show up with real help.  

Supplies donated for residents of NY in the wake of Sandy
You heard there were issues getting gas? Some of their organizers drove to Connecticut to get gas so they could make their deliveries.   Since Wednesday they've joined with the efforts of OccupySandy and have been collecting food, water, blankets, clothes and more to deliver to people in need.

And today they got big news...someone donated two buses for use tomorrow to make deliveries.... the real challenge? They need to fill those buses.

That's where you come in.

If you live in New York you can volunteer or drop off things at NYCC's offices at 2-4 Nevins St in Brooklyn (or really any of the OccupySandy collection points)

and if you don't live in New York you can donate by sending your donation via PAYPAL to NYCommunitiesRelief@gmail.com

So what are you waiting for? Make a difference right now...then go back to phone banking etc because we all know if our side doesn't get the right people elected on Tuesday recovery from this and other disasters will be even more painful than it already is.

2:34 PM PT: UPDATE 5:34 PM: We've notified NYCC that there is a problem with the donation link...they are working on fixing it now...I will update again soon as it is fixed

3:08 PM PT: Ok LINK is now working again DONATE HERE

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