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The Denver Post just reported that Governor Hickenlooper just signed the official proclamation legalizing Marijuana in Colorado today. The Denver Post and The governor had opposed Amendment 64; however, Hickenlooper was quoted as saying, ""Voters were loud and clear on Election Day, we will begin working immediately with the General Assembly and state agencies to implement Amendment 64."

In an editorial the Denver Post stated that it supports the legalization of Marijuana, just not a change in the State Constitution. (like this was some novel way of addressing prohibition.)

The Twenty-first amendment was ratified on December 5, 1933. It is unique among the 27 Amendments of the U.S. Constitution for being the only one to repeal a previous Amendment, and for being the only one to have been ratified by the method of the state ratifying convention. It repealed alcohol prohibition.

Colorado's landmark amendment to the State Constitution is the first that constitutionally repeals Marijuana Prohibition in the United States.

The amendment allows regardless, the right for adults 21 or older to grow 3 mature plants and 3 starter plants at their residences. (I can't wait to write a dairy on Garden Blogging!) Public use of marijuana is not allowed.
From the Denver Post

"All stakeholders share an interest in creating efficient and effective regulations that provide for the responsible development of the new marijuana laws," the order says. "As such, there is a need to create a task force through which we can coordinate and create a regulatory structure that promotes the health and safety of the people of Colorado."

The 24-member task force, composed of lawmakers, cabinet officials, civic leaders and officials with groups representing employers, the legal community and marijuana advocates, will be co-chaired by Jack Finlaw, the governor's chief legal counsel, and Barbara Brohl, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Revenue.

This a great day for liberty in America, for individuals, businesses (cottage industries) and consumers. It is a great model for other states to follow.
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