Banana Republicans while waving the Black Panther scaring voters away flag on Fox are with the other hand actually harassing voters so much that a judge had to enjoin them from doing so.

In Pennsylvania the Republicans are going all out to scare voters from the polls by asking voters for their ID before they get to the polls.

An Allegheny County judge on Tuesday issue an order to halt electioneering outside a polling location in Homestead.

County officials received a complaint shortly before 10 a.m. Tuesday that Republicans outside a polling location on Maple Street in Homestead were stopping people outside the polls and asking for identification.

The order states: “Individuals outside the polls are prohibited from questioning, obstructing, interrogating or asking about any form of identification and/demanding any form of identification from any prospective voter.”

8:40 AM PT:

"Where to Find Your Polling Place, Check Registration & Information to Prevent Voter Suppression"

8:45 AM PT: Not really applicable to this post but you have to understand I'm getting flooded with info faster than I could possibly post it all. Even in comments.

8:57 AM PT: Excellent suggestion from  stevemb

If some clown tries to pull this stunt, LOUDLY accuse him of trying to pull an IDENTITY THEFT SCAM. Call out a warning to the people behind you in line that a CROOK is trying to get a peek at private information to STEAL THEIR IDENTITY.
This poisons the well for them even worse than accusing them of what they're actually trying to do. They have no defense against the accusation, because it's a perfectly reasonable suspicion to hold about someone who wants to peek at your ID without a legitimate reason they need to see it."
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